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  1. iPutz

    iOS14.5.1 and Power Drain

    I've got an iPhone 11 and the wife has my old iPhone 7. I keep both phones updated within a day or two of a new iOS release. I've not seen any change in battery life on either phone. The first few days following the update battery life takes a hit because of playing with all the new bells and...
  2. iPutz

    Which song are you listening to on your Iphone right now!!

    Caution, Old Fart Alert....... Frank Sinatra, One For My Baby.
  3. iPutz

    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    Sitting in the endodontist’s office waiting to get a double root canal. The fun just keeps coming!!!
  4. iPutz

    Apple giving the boot to outdated model updates

    My iPhone 7 (2016) and my wife’s iPhone 6 (2014) are both still working quite well. I used to get each new model when it was released and pass my old phone down to my much better half. I’ve stopped doing that because the cost increases on iPhones have nearly priced me out of getting another one...
  5. iPutz

    Charging Port

    My Otterbox Defender cases have the same problem with skin oils as well. Over the period of 12-18 months the case softens and becomes loose on the plastic shell. I’ve sent the complaint to Otterbox several times but never any answer other than the stock reply of “Thank you for........”. I have...
  6. iPutz

    Erase contacts

    According to Google, there is a free app in the App Store called “Cleaner Pro” that will allow you to delete multiple contacts at once. Personally, I regularly use iTunes to sync my contacts and calendar to Microsoft Outlook on my PC and Outlook allows you to select multiple contacts to be...
  7. iPutz


    This is slightly off topic but the other problem with the Otterbox cases is with the membrane that covers the fingerprint sensor. Eventually it hinders the sensor’s ability to properly sense my fingerprint. I’ve never needed to remove the screen protector but the membrane covering the...
  8. iPutz

    Max signal strength?

    Most newer WiFi routers provide signal on both the 2.4Ghz band and the 5Ghz band. The 5GHz band has a speed advantage but the 2.4Ghz band provides better range. If you have the option, try the 2.4Ghz band and see if signal strength improves. Good luck.
  9. iPutz

    Photos taken with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

    No such thing as a bad day on a motorcycle. For me it’s two wheel therapy!!
  10. iPutz

    Photos taken with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

    The funniest part of it all was that I got home and sent a text to some biker friends with the picture of the odometer bragging on the fact that those miles were relatively repair free (almost unheard of on a Harley) I went to ride over to my sons house 30 minutes later and the starter had died...
  11. iPutz

    Photos taken with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

    It’s not too often that you can rack up 100,000 trouble free miles on a Harley-Davidson full dress motorcycle .
  12. iPutz

    Last Movie Watched?

    Yesterday the Much Better Half and I watched a movie I haven’t seen in years and she hadn’t ever seen. Mel Books’ “Spaceballs”. May try “Blazing Saddles” later this week.
  13. iPutz

    What Was Your Very First Apple Device.

    My first iDevice was an iPhone 3G, 32GB that I bought when it first came out. I think it was 2008 and cost around $400. Have had an iPad 2, and an iPhone 4, 5, 6 and my current iPhone 7 since then.
  14. iPutz

    iOS 12

    Some further info since my last post here about updating to iOS12. Siri has been spotty at best. Two more times I’ve had to turn off Siri then reset network settings and turn Siri back on to get it working again. I’ve done a hard reset but it hasn’t helped. I haven’t seen where others are...
  15. iPutz

    iOS 12

    I updated my iPhone 7, via iTunes, from iOS 11.x.x to iOS 12.0 earlier this week and initially had the same issue as when I updated from 10.x.x to 11.0. The phone locked up during the install and I ended up having to restore the phone as new (including the updated OS) then restore from a...
  16. iPutz

    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    I am engaged in one of my favorite activities. I am doing absolutely nothing!! Playing couch potato. Or at least I will be once I post this.
  17. iPutz

    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    Sitting with my grandsons while my son and his bride enjoy a well deserved night out.
  18. iPutz

    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    Sitting on the deck at my summer home having a libation or two or.......listening to the rain on the awning. Very relaxing.
  19. iPutz

    hello everybody,

    Welcome!! Here you will find answers to questions about almost any iDevice out there from a group of friendly, knowledgeable, caring people.