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  1. perezr10

    CraigsList Phone was UNDER CONTRACT

    Thanks for the replies. I've counseled my son to just to sell it on eBay but to be completely honest with the situation in the description. Warning prospective buyers of a potential future theft lock. My son said he bought the phone for $175. A 16gb 5s with a cracked screen. He was thinking it...
  2. perezr10

    CraigsList Phone was UNDER CONTRACT

    Ok, so my son buys an iPhone 5s from someone on Craigslist, his first mistake. The guy tells him it's unlocked and good to go. So my son gets home and tries to activate it with T-Mobile and after he keys in the imei number into T-Mobile's website he gets a message saying that the phone was...
  3. perezr10

    Otterbox iPhone 6 Case Giveaway!

    Space Gray iphone 6 and I'd take the an all black Defender.
  4. perezr10

    Which Model Will Sell More - the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus or the 4.7-inch iPhone 6?

    Definitely the 6 for me. I can't imagine exercising with the 6+.
  5. perezr10 is Having an iPhone 6 Accessories from Amazon Contest!

    I have an iPhone 5 and I'm going to be placing an order for the 6 the minute that Apple opens the floodgates. I'll do it online cuz I can't handle waiting in line very long.
  6. perezr10

    Wallet cases as a daily use

    Here's what I never understood about iphone wallet cases, is it ok to sit on your phone with it in your back pocket? It seems like that would break the phone. And if you can't carry it in your pocket, what the point?
  7. perezr10

    Power button failure

    Yeah, it happens very, very, gradually. When mine started going out, I thought maybe I was imagining it. But it got worse to the point where it was fairly difficult to push it down without a case on. It never completely died on me but I got it replaced before it did. For me, it took about 4...
  8. perezr10

    Anyone have a Pebble Smart Watch?

    I also thought about waiting for an iWatch but that could be next fall if ever. But at $119 the Pebble is about the same as a decent Seiko watch and it is just so much fun. And I fear the iWatch could cost about double this. One of my favorite features is the setting that turns on your backlight...
  9. perezr10

    Anyone have a Pebble Smart Watch?

    Well, I got my Pebble Watch yesterday AND IT IS FREAKIN' AWESOME!!! Yes, I was able to dual-pair with my Motorola Bluetooth headphones for music while my watch was paired with my phone's Runkeeper app for running stats. My black Pebble looks sleek and would be worth the money even if it was just...
  10. perezr10

    Voice Texting

    You could hit the little microphone icon next to the space bar and it'll listen to whatever you say. Or as Xrayeyes says, use Siri. It may take a little practice to get the sequence just right.
  11. perezr10

    Anyone have a Pebble Smart Watch?

    I was wondering if you could use Bluetooth headphones while the Pebble smart watch is connected to an iPhone 5? I highly doubt it because I think you can only pair with one device at a time but I'd love to be told I'm wrong. Even if you can't, I think the value of the Pebble is worth the...
  12. perezr10

    Anyone have the older Pulse 3.x?

    Hate the new "LinkedIn Pulse" and would like to downgrade to the version prior to 4.0. Can anyone help me out?
  13. perezr10

    Apple iPhone 5 for Straight Talk

    I'm using Straighttalk on my AT&T iphone 5 and my MMS works ok. I did the unlock it .nz thing.
  14. perezr10

    IOS 7 battery life

    That's odd. My battery life is actually better. I think it depends on the apps on your phone.
  15. perezr10

    Otterbox Defender Warning

    Now that there is an updated Defender for the 5S the older case that came out for the 5 is starting to get discounted pretty good. I just picked one up at Best Buy for $29.88 before tax. Here's the problem, it's a pain getting the control center to come up because of the raised plastic frame...
  16. perezr10

    Bluetooth Headphones - Motorola S11-HD at Walmart for $79

    If you like to run with wireless sweat proof headphones you might wanna check put the S11-HD's at Walmart. These run around $115-$130 at most retailers but for some reason Walmart has them for $79. That is eBay low. And I've been burned from eBay before by getting a cheap imitation of some...
  17. perezr10

    Screen size

    I think it depends on how you use it. If you want to use your phone as a music player-on-the-go it's already getting borderline too big. If you spend much time at the gym you'll notice that you see alot of iphone's strapped to peoples arms and rarely ever see the big Android phones. Why? Because...
  18. perezr10

    LTE is Overrated

    The statement of LTE being overrated was in reference to its position as a new feature on the new iPhone 5. And I still say its overrated. Netflix performs no different for me, songs on Pandora sound the same, and web browsing feels the same.
  19. perezr10

    LTE is Overrated

    You just proved my point beautifully. You're getting 5 down on your wifi and didn't notice that your LTE was faster until you measured them. Why? Because 5 down is sufficient for most tasks unless your downloading HUGE files. Which you don't want to do on LTE anyway since you'd blow your data...
  20. perezr10

    LTE is Overrated

    I get up to 60mb of down at times and, no, it's no big deal. You are missing my point. My point is that once you get over like 5mb of down, it doesn't seem to make a difference. Videos play the same, Spotify plays the same, Facebook is the same etc. I could get 5mb of down on AT&T 3G before...