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  1. ezmoney is Having an iPhone 6 Accessories from Amazon Contest!

    Oh YEAH...I'm most definitely moving from my 4s to the new soon as it's out!!
  2. ezmoney

    Deleting eMail Folders; How? AND antivirus apps for iPhone4

    I currently use (yahoo) as my email provider. I have two problems... 1) Somehow I got a virus that has been sending emails from my email account but only from my iPhone4 to the same 8 addressees. The 8 addressees are not in my contact list but at some point in time, I sent an...
  3. ezmoney

    Do iphone 3g/3gs accessories work with iphone 4?

    The TomTom GPS Car Adapter for the 3G, 3GS does not work with the iPhone4. TomTom is aware of the problem and is 'working to solve the issue.' No comittment on when.
  4. ezmoney

    ezmoney here...

    New guy, signing on to keep up with 'what's hot,' and 'what's not' with Apple's new iPhone4. Retired techie so I should have some (?) time to participate and share/learn with others.