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  1. stuberger

    Anyone else having Facebook problems?

    I guess we'll all have to wait for a update that just might work better.....
  2. stuberger

    Anyone else having Facebook problems?

    I did that for Facebook as well but that didn't help. It has gotten better today for some reason. I talked with Apple today and they confirmed there's been numerous complaints about FB....
  3. stuberger

    Anyone else having Facebook problems?

    I upgraded both my iPhone 5 and iPad 4 to iOS 7 and since the upgrade I've noticed a couple bugs which I'm hoping will get resolved in future updates... The built in weather app on the iPhone was acting up with updating but it seems to be working better now.... Also noticed on both the iPad and...
  4. stuberger

    Another buggy app with iOS7

    The weather app for iPhone as well as the Facebook app for iPad are built into the OS Also the mail app..... The big buggy app that bothers me is Facebook....
  5. stuberger

    Another buggy app with iOS7

    Ell, not only does the built in weather (Yahoo) app have bugs...I've noticed the Accuweather app for iPad will cause the iPad to crash and it reboots...then it works. I really think Apple should of waited on the release of the new iOS.... There are bugs abound.... Facebook is flaky as well as...
  6. stuberger

    Yahoo weather app has bugs

    Ever since the upgrade to iOS7 the new built in weather app has been times it won't update and at times the days forecast doesn't show up on the cities page. Anyone else notice this?
  7. stuberger

    Rattle noise from camera area

    Same's not the camera or balls rolling. Hit it in the soon as I put light pressure on the sleep/wake button the rattle is gone!
  8. stuberger

    Verizon to stop unlimited plans for upgraders...

    As watching CNN this am and saw this news on the news ticker... I guess since being with Verizon for a long time and now this I'll be leaving them this winter. One bad thing is I live in an area of southern Illinois that's very rural and not too many cell service providers so I might even have...
  9. stuberger

    iPhone 4 keeps losing power at 20%

    I've been having the same problem with my iPhone will get to about 23 or so percent and then it shuts down...when I try to start it up it shows 1% then when I plug in the cord it show the same 20 some odd %..... This has just recently started to do this. Bad thing is I don't live near...
  10. stuberger

    iPhone 4 battery

    Yes, this is correct!
  11. stuberger

    tapped iphone?

    This thread is still active....sheeesh!
  12. stuberger

    tapped iphone?

    I can't believe this thread is still going on!
  13. stuberger

    tapped iphone?

    Okay, let's get something straight ...the term "tapped" is what the authorities use to monitor a suspect in a criminal investigation. If your not a criminal ( and you'd have to be a substantial criminal to justify the costs and time) than your not being "tapped". Also, if your tap worthy to...
  14. stuberger

    tapped iphone?

    If your phone is actually tapped, there is nothing you can do with your phone to stop the tap...Taps are done at the source, which would be Verizon. Lines that are monitored (tapped) wirelessly need to be flagged at the provider. Also, if it's tapped, Verizon, by law can't tell you if your...
  15. stuberger

    Contacts order

    I think the only options are either First - Last or Last - First
  16. stuberger

    ios 5.01

    I read somewhere on the forum but don't remember where and was informed the update is suppose to better battery life. Hmmmmmmm
  17. stuberger

    Verizon branding missing after phone service update

    Try going to where you know it's covered by a Verizon tower and then dial *228 and pick choice 1...after your phone has been programmed, hang up and then make a call right away. After the call, go into Safari and do a quick web browse. Then after that, do another *228 and then choose option 2...
  18. stuberger

    Verizon branding missing after phone service update

    Don't know if this helps but I live in a small rural town in southeastern Illinois and there is no Verizon tower however, there is a Alltel tower which Verizon shares...When I first got my iPhone 4, I noticed the network icon on the right of the signal bar always said Verizon ( which was weird...
  19. stuberger

    A New Problem With OS5

    I went into the App Store and noticed 4 available updates for forums I belong to...AVScience, iPhone Forum, Home Theater Shack and DBS Talk... I updated them which took a whole longer than usual for me at least and after they loaded, and seem to work fine however, now the App Store keeps...