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  1. hannahsoftballstar4


    Does anyone no how to make their own apps I always wanted to but never had and success on how to find it
  2. hannahsoftballstar4

    How to make youtube faster on iphone.

    That's what happened to my brothers iPod all he did was update his iPod and it made YouTube games and other stuff load faster idk if he's exaggerating but he said it made a major difference !! Hope it haloed :)
  3. hannahsoftballstar4

    Well hello

    I am new and stuff i wanted to no if there was anyone out there that is interested in softball !!?? I am a softball fanatic and I love to pitch. I practice everyday ANd I play on three teams and I need to no if I play on a travel team should I still play high school ball I am only in seventh...
  4. hannahsoftballstar4

    Another new member

    Welcome !!! I am new here too :)
  5. hannahsoftballstar4

    New to Forum

    I am new i just became a member today and I wanted to just welcome u :)
  6. hannahsoftballstar4

    Not new but wanted to say thank you

    Happy belated birthday :)
  7. hannahsoftballstar4


    Does anyone no how I am supposed to message people on here ????
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    Ummm I'm not sure what ur problem is but I just became a member today an I'm still trying to get the concept on how this works:)!!!