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    Semi-Untethered 5.1 Jailbreak (A4 devices)

    Yea the rain kinda sucks but its better than all the snow! I just can't wait for the lakes to get warm and I'm out there every day.
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    Semi-Untethered 5.1 Jailbreak (A4 devices)

    Just noticed your from Minnesota, Nice. SOTA!! gotta love all the rain this weekend
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    iPhone Owners Sue AT&T for Not Doing Enough to Prevent Smartphone Theft

    The fact that you lost your phone is entirely your fault. That would be like buying a car and then crashing it and you tell the car company to repair it for free. RIDICULOUS!!!!
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    Semi-Untethered 5.1 Jailbreak (A4 devices)

    Yes Jmills87 your right, some people have problems with some of the cydia applications working, while others like me it works perfectly fine. To answer rdub I have no idea why its not spreading. I found it yesterday and decided to make a video of it.
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    Semi-Untethered 5.1 Jailbreak (A4 devices)

    The admins deleted my post from a few hours ago of a jailbreak that works with 5.1 for A4 devices. I even show another video of me using it after the download. I am not trying to fight anyone over these threads. I am currently using the jailbreak right now and it works. People can say its...
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    Absinthe win-0.5 and 4S 5.1 Jailbreak

    I wouldn't try it until its confirmed that it works because there is no jailbreak yet for A5 devices such as your 4s. I did find a untethered jailbreak for (A4 devices) on ios 5.1 like the iphone 4 and ipad but everyone is like its a scam and I keep getting reported for it even though I show it...
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    Iphone Low Volume

    Go to settings then hit sounds and then slide the Ringer and Alert slider all the way up. Then push the volume buttons on the side untill the ringer is as maximum volume.
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    New iphone owner

    You could possibly try restarting the phone sometimes that works if things are buggy.
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    New member!

    same boat Futujoy
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    Untethered 5.1 Jailbreak (A4 devices)

    No it works I am currently running it on my iPhone.
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    Untethered 5.1 Jailbreak (A4 devices)

    Check this out if you want to Jailbreak your (A4 devices). Please rate comment and subscribe. More videos will be posted in the future about how to jailbreak iphone 4s and ipad 2 and 3 [Moderator edit: Removed link to dodgy YouTube clip. Please refer to the Jailbreaking section of this forum...