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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    That's how my clear belkin grip vue looked when I got it new. Mine has now turned a brown color....
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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    I got another Belkin Grip Vue since my clear one turned like a brown color but this one is the "Black Pearl color". I won it on ebay at a price of $9.00 so I bought it. I'm rocking the free apple bumper but when I get tired I'll swap it out... Here it is, I can't seem to find ACTUAL pics of it...
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    Need a app that will change your number when you call someone

    Jail broken iphone and download caller ID faker.... you can change the number they will see on their end....
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    iPhone 4 Jailbreak OFFICIAL How To

    I'm now jailbroken! I cant wait to use all the cool features...
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    Got my new bumper

    I got my bumper this past weekend and have been using it ever since. I like it a lot but I wana install some type of thick over lay for the back of the phone....
  6. S not working?

    Thanks for the heads up, could you hook me up with that link?
  7. S not working?

    Which error?
  8. S not working?

    Alright new problem rose. I can now access the website but when I slide to jailbreak it says file download was invalid then says retry or cancel I click retry and same message pops up...
  9. S not working?

    Thanks so much it worked! Idk why it wasn't working before when I just typed with out the www. When the jailbreak first came out I put that address in and had no problems... Good thing is it's now solved... Thanks again
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    I hope so, I tried loggin on the site with me lap top and the site seems to work showing the info on the jailbreak. On the phone I'm having no luck...
  11. S not working?

    No, I'm still rocking the 4.0 I thought if upgraded that you can't jailbreak anymore that's why I stuck with the 4.0...
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    Recommend me a screen pritector

    I bought 2 sets from ebay for like $4, they fit great and didn't bubble up on me. Their the static cling kind that use no water...
  13. S not working?

    So, after the jail break for the 4 had came out I was deciding on whether I wanted to go ahead and do it after hearing some had freezing problems or a lot of the apps themes and other things weren't working yet. I know more people have had NO PROBLEMS then people HAVING PROBLEMS with the...
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    Apple iPhone 4 BUMPER Case Review

    Got my free apple bumper in the mail today. I ordered it through the app on 7/25 and received it today 8/14. I got it early, it said on the apple email that delivery date was 9/3.... Just a heads up
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    Hands On Vapor4 Case Review

    Cool review!
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    Anyone selling their bumpers?

    Put a full body shield....
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    Do you think the screen is too small?

    i agree
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    Use ring tone expressions, the sound quality is dope. I used that method when I had my 3g a while back and the sound qaulity sucks. It sounds like there's an echo....
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    Apple iPhone 4 BUMPER Case Review

    I'm just curious on how long it took for them to recieve them cause apparently some gits theirs super early when they already had an email stating delivery around September...
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    Apple iPhone 4 BUMPER Case Review

    To the ones that received theirs already, you guys did use the app on the phone to order it right? free from apple?