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  1. tecknomage

    transfer photo's to iphone 6

    The best photo transfer app I've found is PhotoSync. Have it on my iPhone 6. So easy to use because it gives you a URL link you can use in your browser to upload/download pics.
  2. tecknomage

    Now i know what has been happening to my Apple iPhone6

    Regardless of what Apple is trying to do, just install a new battery. :cool: :( NOTE: My experience says you should go to a iPhone repair facility in your area to get this done. It's NOT easy to do, thanks to their #@!##@@ using double-sided adhesive tape to mount the battery (dump, really dumb).
  3. tecknomage

    Blank screen

    I've noted in the past with my iPhone 6 that it takes a 'long' time to power-up after a shutdown. It's always been that way.
  4. tecknomage

    iOS 11 Battery Drain

    No issue with my iPhone 6.
  5. tecknomage

    Password Manager

    When I looked at "1Password" (way back) it didn't have Linux support, which is why I choose "LastPass."
  6. tecknomage

    Password Manager

    I use LastPass across all my devices: Win7 Pro 64bit desktop w/Chrome Ubuntu (Linux) 64bit laptop w/Firefox my iPhone 6 On my iPhone I have the LastPass app in the bottom app bar so it's easy to access. Works outstandingly. :)
  7. tecknomage

    seeing problem

    Stop using the USB cable. A much better way is to use the PhotoSync App. :) It uses WiFi and you can use your browser (the app gives you a link address) to see, upload/download photos. I just bookmarked the PhotoSync link. Now all I have to do is start PhotoSync on my iPhone, click the link in...
  8. tecknomage

    Keyboard options.

    Did you check: [Settings][Display & Brightness][Text Size]? :cool:
  9. tecknomage

    Transfering photos to iphone6

    Take a look at iPhone PhotoSync App? It is very easy to use, does NOT require using a cable (uses WiFi), can transfer using you browser ;)
  10. tecknomage

    Iphone 6 configuration question

    CLARIFICATION: [Settings][Notifications] is where you can set notifications for each app. You should NOT turn all notifications OFF. You'll want to keep some notifications such as text-messaging and phone calls, maybe Facebook and Twitter (if you have these), etc. Also, pay attention to type...
  11. tecknomage

    I some times will try to make a call and iPhone6 locks up.

    Contact your cell provider and have them reauthorize you phone. What you describe sounds like the emergency mode when your phone looses carrier authorization. Hummm... did you pay your last mobile phone bill?
  12. tecknomage

    Iphone6 glass

    As said, depends. I only have a rubber case for my iPhone 6. But I carry it in my pants pocked with nothing else, so no scratches. That leaves damage to iPhone glass if I drop it, glass-side down, on something hard and sharp enough to break it. Then there's having the phone out on the floor or...
  13. tecknomage

    "Battery information will be available after using iPhone for a few minutes"

    Hummm.... do you leave you iPhone unplugged (not charging) for long periods. I always leave my iPhone changing when not in use, like when I'm sleeping. iPhone will leak battery life even when screen-locked. The only way to prevent this is to turn off you iPhone when not in use.
  14. tecknomage

    iPhone 6

    Go to [Settings][General][Background App Refresh] and turn global setting OFF. CAUTION: If you use the Facebook APP, BEFORE you turn the global setting OFF, set Facebook OFF. If you leave the Facebook APP refresh ON it overrides the global setting. Found this bug last month.
  15. tecknomage

    WARNING: iPhone 6 & Facebook App Problem

    But that does not address the issue of WHY iPhone iOS ALLOWS Apps to override global settings.
  16. tecknomage

    WARNING: iPhone 6 & Facebook App Problem

    That is a snide remark. To millions of Facebook users the answer is YES. But the real issue is a bug in the iPhone system. The [Settings][General][Background Refresh] (overall) NOT overriding any individual App setting.
  17. tecknomage

    WARNING: iPhone 6 & Facebook App Problem

    RE: iPhone 6, iOS 10.0.2, Facebook App v67.0 When using the Facebook App my phone was getting hot. Noticed Facebook was constantly loading. Checked [Settings][General][Background Refresh] (overall) and it was set to OFF. Looked under [Settings][Facebook][Settings] and Background Refresh was...
  18. tecknomage

    iPhone 6 LOE/Hacked?

    You will get occasional verification requests from Apps that have logons to verify that it IS you that has your phone. On my laptop & desktop PCs, I get occasional verification request from Steam.
  19. tecknomage

    Copying photos to computer

    I use the "PhotoSync" app from "touchbyte GmbH" It is very easy to use. I do transfers via the Browser link they give you. I open the link in Firefox on my Win7 Pro 64bit desktop and all my iPhone photos are displayed for me to download.
  20. tecknomage

    Why doesn't the GPS not work while flying on an aircraft?

    iPhone GPS uses both actual GPS signal and cell signal for these function (your location). While on the ground in an airplane you may receive these signals, when airborne you loose these signals.