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  1. totallylagit

    Siri vs Bluetooth

    Sorry. I misunderstood. I didn't see that you were syncing it to a vehicle All your base are belong to us
  2. totallylagit

    Jailbreak acting up

    You shouldn't have to put your iPhone in DFU mode to fix that. You likely have an incompatible tweak. Find the compatibility list and check your versions All your base are belong to us
  3. totallylagit

    Siri vs Bluetooth

    Have you tried a different Bluetooth? How about the earbuds with inline mic? Unpair and repair the Bluetooth? Check Siri language maybe? All your base are belong to us
  4. totallylagit

    HELP!!! Something wrong with voice input... PLEASE READ!

    You may need to exchange your iPhone. I had that happen once. I restored as Apple suggested but did not work. Had to have it replaced. Good thing it was under Apple care. Call them and see what they say All your base are belong to us
  5. totallylagit

    Change the stock icon color?

    Find the app folder and copy all icons to your desktop and photoshop them. Have to have sbsettings installed. I believe the folder will be in private/var/stash/'app folder'. I changed my bitesms this way except I used already created icons All your base are belong to us
  6. totallylagit

    Water Damage Iphone

    You should get a Lifeproof or similar case which is waterproof to an extent. I take my iPhone in the shower with me. I even snap pics and vids under water All your base are belong to us
  7. totallylagit

    Jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3

    You were likely scammed. A trusted site I go to for this info warns not to jailbreak. I can't believe you paid since jailbreaks are free. It is up to you if you wish to donate. I would suggest nobody else fall for this unless there is a confirmed jailbreak All your base are belong to us
  8. totallylagit

    Silencing Notifications at night and Contacts issues

    The first issue. In Settings there is a Do Not Disturb switch. To set the times for that go into Settings->Notifications. There you will see Do Not Disturb. In there, you can set the times. Not sure about the other 2 issues sorry Sent from my iPaid 4
  9. totallylagit

    Ringtone problem

    I have made my own ringtones back when I had my iPhone 4. They still work on my 4S. There are free software that will create your tones. Just google it Sent from my iPaid 4
  10. totallylagit

    App Menu?

    Buy InfiniFolder for $.99. You can put unlimited apps in one folder. While you're at it, buy Springtomize 2 and make folders have 5 or more icons per line. That's what I do and it's very nice. While your at it, InfiniBoard let's you have infinite icons on your springboard. Again with...
  11. totallylagit

    What iPhone 4 model did you go with?

    I have 64gig (factory unlocked), black iPhone 4S. 3,424 songs, 53 videos, 859 photos, 172 apps with 14.2gig free. I didn't even know what I had on there til I checked. Lol
  12. totallylagit

    DarkSMS Pro for biteSMS by Justin Raabe [Released]

    Looks neat. I'm happy with stock colors tho. I just don't like the app icons. So I changed them.
  13. totallylagit

    help plz > how to remove jailbreak and update to 6.1

    Thanks for the insight. I'll do that next time. I know what DFU means tho
  14. totallylagit

    help plz > how to remove jailbreak and update to 6.1

    It worked for me without DFU mode. Why is it better with DFU?
  15. totallylagit

    help plz > how to remove jailbreak and update to 6.1

    OR you can just update through iTunes then run evasi0n and jailbreak. No need for DFU. At least I didn't have to on my 4S from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1. Make sure you sync before you begin
  16. totallylagit

    Ios 6.1 compatible apps and tweaks.

    I had to the same with as many apps. I had a trick. Copied a bunch of apps into one folder, put that folder on one page and dragged them to where I wanted rather than switching pages
  17. totallylagit

    Ios 6.1 compatible apps and tweaks.

    It has problems. I removed it because it kept remembering words I didn't type EDIT: It also doubles some remembered words
  18. totallylagit

    Save 5.1.1 blobs?

    The iOS 5.1.1 signing window is closed. You cannot retrieve those blobs anymore
  19. totallylagit

    iphone 4s 5.1 jailbreak

    Sorry.. Posted but didn't mean to. Mods please delete as I cannot via tapatalk
  20. totallylagit

    Paint in speaker and headphone jack

    How about a q tip? Or very carefully with a toothpick?