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    iphone 4 contract help

    Well the iPhone won't work on Sprint or Verizon at all. Totally different technology and on T-Mobile you could only use 2g edge internet. T-Mobile 3g is on a different frequency then AT&T. The only purpose of unlocking the phone is too use it in the rest of the world on local networks or with...
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    iPhone 4 Video Chat - Won't use Minutes

    You can make a Facetime call directly. The first one you make to a particular number may require the cellular network, I'm not sure of that but once you made a connection once, the phone remembers that number. Try this. Go to the contacts page of the person you want to Facetime. Scroll down to...
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    New member

    T-Mobile USA uses 1700 MHz for 3g and AT&T USA uses 1900 and 850. So it is not possible to use T-Mobile on 3g on an iPhone in the US. In Europe they have to use the standard 2100MHz so the iPhone will work with any carrier in Europe. If T-Mobile deploys 2100 MHz in the US the iPhone should work...
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    2g voice is different than 3g voice as well. 2g voice is GSM but 3g voice is CDMA. This is the reason these phones work in Japan. Japan's 3g is standardized to Europe but Japan's 2g is a different system. You probably wouldn't notice it but in theory the 3g voice is better. Alex
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    The iPhone can only be used on T-Mobile as a 2g phone. T-Mobiles's 3g frequency is different than AT&T and the European frequencies for 3g. This cannot be adjusted. Alex
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    FaceTime Anyone?

    Both Video and Voice go through the internet. The only charge is the first minute to make the connection. Facetime works very well in the experience I've had with it. If someone knows how to avoid the first minute that would be useful if calling from Europe to the US where the voice roaming...
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    Verizon iPhone 4 Rumors Begin (Again)

    AT&T 3g is CDMA Technology as is all the GSM in most of the world. That is why the iPhone works in Japan if I am correct. Japanese 2g is not GSM. Alex