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  1. Rails2Trails

    Strange things with Yahoo!

    I've had a Yahoo email account for a real long time, and It seems a couple of strange things are happening via Yahoo after I purchased my first iPhone last month. The first is what I'm most concerned about: A window is popping up on my iPhone that is related to Yahoo. It pops up at any...
  2. Rails2Trails

    Facebook Notifications

    Every one of those settings is ON. if it makes any difference, Facebook isn't in my sounds folder either. And I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
  3. Rails2Trails

    Facebook Notifications

    I can't find any controls for Facebook notifications in General Settings (like a chime when someone friends you). I do however, get a notification when someone checks in somewhere (I'm not tagged). Where can I set alerts in my iPhone 4S for facebook? Thanks