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  1. Rainbow1616

    Dark Mode ?

    Yep. I like it except for games and such
  2. Rainbow1616

    Wifi Calling

    Att just turned on wifi calling Oct 8 for the Iphone 6 and up. Does anyone know if they will be making it available to the 5S? I have been patiently waiting for this feature and now that it is here I can't get it on My 5s. It seems that Tmobile and Sprint allow it on the 5S what gives?
  3. Rainbow1616

    Iphone/Ipad Charger solutions

    That would be great during the daytime but I have 3 shifts We run and there are no Managers or office personnel here after 5 pm. Someone suggested usb outlets and then superglue the lightning cords but then when the cord goes bad I'm sol. Otherwise not a bad idea. It sucks that I even have to...
  4. Rainbow1616

    Iphone/Ipad Charger solutions

    I manage some 70 odd Ipads at work and My problem is people keep stealing the chargers or cables!. Do they make a one piece charger that I can anchor somehow? I know I can install USB wall outlets but they will steal the cables. Outside of super gluing them in does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Rainbow1616

    Poll: iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

    Iphone 6. Don't want the big phone.
  6. Rainbow1616

    Gave up my unlimited.

    If you buy a new phone straight up that is correct. BUT lets say you get the 5S on contract for 199. Your plan will also go up 25/month for 2 years which is 600 plus the 199 so you now just paid $799 for a new phone. They are not up front about this but if you read between the lines carefully...
  7. Rainbow1616

    Opinions on the 5c

    Its a little better than the 5, there are a few tweaks it has. My wife loves hers
  8. Rainbow1616

    What iOS goes on if i restore my phone?

    Yep That makes perfect sense now. and Yes I had some ipads that had the newer ios backups so the older backups for these were "unavailable to these devices" (all 50 ipads can be backed up from anyone elses backup on the account if compatible)
  9. Rainbow1616

    Gave up my unlimited.

    I agree 100%! I was in shock when I found this out. I even called back multiple times to get a different rep. because as you know sometimes you get different pricing from different reps. (never understood this either)
  10. Rainbow1616

    What iOS goes on if i restore my phone?

    Don't recall the actual time frame they may have still been signing it then, but we were not permitted to upgrade to ios7 at work until they tested it thoroughly and that usually takes a few months.
  11. Rainbow1616

    What iOS goes on if i restore my phone?

    Um yes it will. I have done it on about 25 iPads for work. The backup even specifies which ios I didn't think so either. When I get to work I can post some screen shots I took as I was doing it.
  12. Rainbow1616

    What iOS goes on if i restore my phone?

    Just back up your phone to the cloud first and restore from backup. It will not update your ios that way. If your new phone already has ios 7 then your out of luck.
  13. Rainbow1616

    Gave up my unlimited.

    I sure hope you did the research correctly. AT&T has hidden fees that they are not up front about. When its time for you to get a new phone you pay the 199 fee (assuming the phone cost 199) BUT what they don't volunteer is that your plan will also go up 25/month for 2 years because you upgraded...
  14. Rainbow1616

    Whats your favorite color iphone 5s

    Space Grey
  15. Rainbow1616

    Is the gold iphone to girly?

    Your from New York no wonder.:D
  16. Rainbow1616

    Is the gold iphone to girly?

    To each their own of course, My opinion is that it is Girly. My neighbors wife and daughter have one and my daughter wants one. There is no right or wrong answer sorry. Is it girly to you is the only question.
  17. Rainbow1616

    Is the gold iphone to girly?

    For My tastes, Yes too girly which is why I didn't want one.
  18. Rainbow1616

    Help with setting up TWO email accounts onto apple devices

    Yes it works just fine, I have multiple accounts on both mine and my wifes Iphone. What kind of accounts are they?ie pop3 imap smtp exchange etc Outlook express doesn't tell me anything. How are you setting them up? When you go to add an account are you choosing "other"? The Google account is...
  19. Rainbow1616

    Who upgraded from a 5 to 5s? Happy?

    I went from the 5 to the 5S as well. Gave My son My 5. Best decision I ever made. I love the 5S just for the fingerprint reader alone. Camera and other features are just added bonuses.
  20. Rainbow1616

    Holster for Iphone 5S in Apple's case Qtech Black Leather Holster Pouch Compatible with OtterBox / Ballistic & Other Large Cases for iPhone 5 (Includes Qtech Stylus): Cell Phones & Accessories That's what I use and I love it. It not only has a clip on the back but also 2 loops that you can put your belt through so that...