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    What iphone 4 cases do you recommend?

    how about the Chelsea Compact wallet from Fonerize
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    iPhone 4 Case Choice

    i'm intrigued by this since all of us like the shape of the iphone so much and then decide to cover it up. Makes all of Sir Jonathan Ive's work rather redundant! I have looked around and found this clear case totally encompassing the phone but can't see where its available to buy although there...
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    hey I like the look of the rusty collection! great colours and the quality looks good. I'm on a real downer for the Apple store- even the basic skins seem to cost so so much more than others supply them for. Being a bit of a traditionalist I do like the leather wallet cases from Fonerize. Also...
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    Iphone 4 skins and cases

    thanks Josh- there are so many cases and covers out there its rather confusing. Real value also seems very hard to judge- some of the cases from the Apple Store seem crazy pricey yet the ones available on eBay are almost too cheap. If you want a basic skin Skinit are good but if you need a...