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  1. JezzerP

    Backing up phone to MacBook

    There is a good Apple article linked below which explains exactly what does and doesn't get backed up to iCloud/Mac. About backups for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch It would appear that iPhone backups to iCloud or Mac via iTunes DO NOT include all your photos, as these are already stored...
  2. JezzerP

    Voice memos app stopped recording

    OK, if your videos have sound, and the phone is working OK when you take calls (?), then it suggests that the microphone hardware is OK. It must be the app itself in that case, and seeing you have already tried deleting and reinstalling the app, I can only suggest you try a third party app and...
  3. JezzerP

    Photo folders as albums for iPhone synchronization

    Where are the photos now? On your iPhone? On a Mac? On a PC?
  4. JezzerP

    Observation-Battery Discharge and Safari in Background

    Not quite sure what your question is, or why you have to have an app running just in case your daughter contacts you? How does your daughter normally contact you? You don't have to have the Phone or Messages app running in the background for you to be reachable by these methods.
  5. JezzerP

    3D Touch and IOS 13 with 6S

    I have a 6s I can confirm the app switcher is working on my phone.
  6. JezzerP


    Veuillez utiliser l'anglais sur ces forums
  7. JezzerP

    Tapping won't work

    I'm sorry, but I am a little confused as to what exactly yo are trying to achieve. You are using Safari on an iPad/iPhone and searching for images?
  8. JezzerP

    Texts, chats, messages with Mail app

    He might be using the WhatsApp IM app...that can have green text bubbles. Is it possible he has 'hidden' the app icon somewhere in a 'folder'?
  9. JezzerP

    Notifications settings

    So, when you go to Settings > Notifications what do you see? Can you select the individual apps at all?
  10. JezzerP

    Syncing iPhone 7 Calendar with MacBook Pro

    You need to make sure that you have iCloud setup on your MacBook Pro, so goto System Preferences > iCloud and make sure you log into your account. You can then check the Calendars option and your iPhone and MacBook will then stay in sync.
  11. JezzerP

    SIM pin hole ?

    I have no idea what it is called, and I very much doubt a part like that will be available to purchase separately, even from a 3rd party supplier.
  12. JezzerP

    New router - iPhone photos no longer appear on PC

    OK, the black square just means that there are multiple options you can select under that main heading, some of which haven't been checked, so that's a bit of a red herring. Have you tried switching off iCloud Photo Sharing on the PC, rebooting and then switching iCloud back on again? I know it...
  13. JezzerP

    itunes fails to run iphone backup

    Are you using a Windows PC or a Mac? Aparently just restarting you computer can resolve this problem. You could also try updating itunes.
  14. JezzerP

    iphone backup problems

    Hi would be better if you started your own thread to ask a question rather than highjacking this one!!
  15. JezzerP

    Does the built-in Music app show file information (ID3tags, bitrate, etc)?

    There are a number of apps that allow you to edit the ID3 tags on your iPhone, but I can't seem to find anything just to display them whilst playing...others might know betetr.
  16. JezzerP

    Hot spot

    Why do you think someone is using your Hotspot? Is it not secured with a password?
  17. JezzerP


    Do you have the Excel App installed on your phone? Because if you do, you will have more control over how the printing works. When you go to print select AirPrint? The next page has Layout Options, where you can select Orientation, Paper Size etc. Another option here is Scaling, where you can...
  18. JezzerP

    General question

    How often do your devices connect to a wifi network?
  19. JezzerP

    Google maps notification on iPhone?

    Do you have the Google Maps app installed on your iPhone? If you do, you can check whether Notifications are switched on by going to Settings > Notifications > Google Maps and select Allow Notifications.
  20. JezzerP

    Which song are you listening to on your Iphone right now!!

    Not on my iPhone but on my Mac as I'm at my desk working ;) Breakfast In America - Remastered