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    ZAGGsafe Insurance?

    Anyone ever used this insurance? I just came across this info. It is cheaper than the others.. ZAGG | ZAGGsafe | Your warranty doesn't cover this
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    Whats your favorite app.

    This is wonderful! Thanks!
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    Headset Options

    Hi everyone, Newbie iphone user. I love the headset that comes with the iphone 4 but I was wondering is there a wireless headset that you can talk and listen to you music through? Thanks!
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    The missing led notification light

    I absolutely agree! I don't miss the blinking light at all! I'd turn my Droid face down as well. I love my iphone!
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    Newbie coming from Droid 2

    Hi All! Fedex guy delivered my new iphone 4 yesterday. I didn't get anything else done around the house... Laundry, dinner..etc. lol I'm coming from Droid 2 and was waiting for the Thunderbolt but had this nagging feeling to go for the iphone. I've always wanted a iphone but I'm with...
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    What are you ditching for the Verizon iPhone4?

    Hi. I'm a iphone 4 newbie. I'm ditching my Droid 2.