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    stuck on applr logo after jaibreak

    Use search and check out dfu mode
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    Camera from lock screen

    the search button does wonders on this site :) buttttt, double tap ur home button while on the lock screen :) :home:
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    Droid X vs Iphone 4s

    i had a droid x as well, there is no comparison. Screen size was an issue until you see how clear the iphone screen is. Battery life is 10000000 times better and the ios 5 is not comparable to honeycomb or what ever the latest version is for android. You will not be disappointed!
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    stuck on applr logo after jaibreak

    what ios version are you on?
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    iMessage Help?

    i believe if you are on wifi the answer is no, but if off wifi, i believe it uses data. Atleast that what it seems like form what i've read
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    welcome! im sure you will love it. I have the iphone 4 after having a droid x for a while. Must say the Iphone 4 is so far out of droids league that it should even be compared. A phone that works and doesnt freeze! what more could you ask for! Enjoy!:facetime:
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    Welcome! iPhone 3GS here is where you will find most of the information that pertains to you
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    Iphone 5.0 update - serious problem

    you using a mac? if so you need to delete "" from you host file
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    Jailbroken 4.3.5 iPhone 4 (almost) totally bricked

    did you delete the from your host file?
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    please i need your help, i cannot connect to the i tunes

    have you tried dfu mode? do a search on the forums on how to use dfu mode
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    ios 5 Missing features following upgrade

    to get to the camera, hit the home button twice, you should see the camera icon show up next to the unlock slider