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    Restoring a replacement I Phone

    I have insurance on my I Phone 5. If it is lost or stolen it will be replace. How do i reinstall the contacts? The e mail? How and where can I store all this info in case I might need it some day?
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    Saving Contacts and Bookmarks

    How do I save my bookmarks and contacts on my I phone 5? I would like to save them on my computer. Thanks, Jack
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    Iphone problem

    I bought my I phone 5 from a loca AT and T store. I went there to ask abt my phone. People are telling me that my voice is broken up and hard to read sometimes. Yesterday the person i called could not hear me at all. I was told I would have to find a apple store because at the A T and T place...
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    I am getting spam emails.
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    How do I get rid of spam on my Iphone 5? I can delete it. But it will come back again. How do it mark it as spam? Thanks, Jack
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    Car Charging

    Where can I get a mobile charger for my Iphone 5? At a reasonable price?
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    Google Map app

    When will the app Google Map be available? Thanks, Jack
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    Text messages, No!

    I need to add a little more. I just want to do I messages.
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    Text messages, No!

    How can I not send and receive text messages. My neighbor has this feature on his iphone 4 but can't tell me how he got it. Thanks, Jack
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    PLacing pics on Picasa

    Can someone tell me how to place the pictures that I take on my Iphone 4 on Picasa? Thanks, Jack
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    On my 4 how can I send a message without cost? I need to change from green to blue. How do I do that? Thanks
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    I have a iPhone 4 with the 5 upgrade and everything works just fine. Do I need to upgrade to 5.0.1? Thanks, Jack
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    iPhone 4 using 4g

    How can I set my iPhone 4 that uses 3g to use 4g? I think it is available in my location. Thanks, Jack
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    ios 5 What do I have?

    I just recently upgraded my iPhone 4 with ios 5. Does my phone now have some of the same features as the iphone4s? Thanks, Jack
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    How do I put the pics I take with my Iphone 4 into separate albums? Thanks, Jack
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    Backing Up Contacts

    I got it to work. Thanks, Jack
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    Backing Up Contacts

    I would like to copy the contacts on my Iphone 4 to my computer. This would be a backup. How do I go about this? Thanks, Jack
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    Iphone 4 battery charge

    My Iphone 4 works just fine now. I was running a GPS. Thanks to all, Jack
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    Iphone 4 battery charge

    When I shut it down last nite everything was like it always is when I quit using it. Jack
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    Iphone 4 battery charge

    This is the first time this has happened. I charged my phone yesterday evening to 100% and used it abt 5 min. This morning I tried to turn it on. It was stone dead!! What happened? I have had the phone abt 4 months. Thanks, Jack