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    Does this seem right?

    You should have kept your unlimited plan. But you're right, that does seem weird.
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    To upgrade or not?

    If money Is not an issue than why not do it. A newer better phone. In my case money is an issue. So I pre-ordered the 32gig 4S Friday and turned around and sold my 16 month old iPhone 4 on Saturday for $335.
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    Questions about the iPhone

    Your first question of wether a 4 or 4S. I haven't used the 4S yet but I've pre-ordered it already. But either phone you upgrade to from an LG Dare will just blow you away. It's very simple to use. My 3 year old daughter can use with ease. From making calls, watching videos, to playing games. As...
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    Dang Iphone

    On your #2 : not sure what type of computer you sync your phone with, but for example on my Mac I can create new groups for contacts and when I sync my phone and contacts thru ITunes my new group appears on my phone. I'm sure there is a way to do that on a pc if you sync contacts. Hope that helps.
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    App that will let you videochat from an iPhone to a computer?

    When you go to IM one of your friends scroll to top of page. If they are on a device that can see video you'll be able to touch the cam icon. Once you do that they should be able to see you. If they don't have a cam on their laptop or desktop you won't see them but they should still be able to...
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    Unlimited data plan?

    You should be able to keep your unlimited plan.
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    big problems...please help.

    For your first problem, does this only happen in your house, or everywhere you go. If it's only at home it might not be your phone at all. Could be a bad cell phone tower. For that you would have to call your cell phone carrier and explain your issue. Now if this problem is everywhere you go...
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    Throw-and-go car dock
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    Just a few questions

    And about accessing wifi without a sim card should not be a problem as far as I know.
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    Just a few questions

    You don't need a data plan to download or access apps as long as you are connected to wifi. Would be just like an iTouch.
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    Welcome. You'll learn plenty here.
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    connection to wifi

    Have you tried turning your wireless router off and back on?
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    Future Iphone user.

    Yes, plus when the new phone comes out apple will release the new iOS update for all iPhones so even though your 4 might physically look different from the 5 you would be running the same iOS.
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    Future Iphone user.

    Just get the 4 when it comes out. You'll love it no doubt.
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    hello all~!~

    Connect your phone to your computer and you can organize all your icons through iTunes.
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    Sell me on the Iphone over Droid X

    iOS is just so much smoother than android I believe. I do love the big screen on the Droid X but can't compare to the Retina display on the iPhone. Both phones are gonna have their pros and cons. But if you're happy with what you have than that's what's important. But things like Netflix and...
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    iphone4 facetime with "non-iphone4"

    Tango doesn't use your phone's minutes. Neither does FaceTime or Skype. It works off your 3G data or WiFi.
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    App that will let you videochat from an iPhone to a computer?

    Skype now does video calling on iPhone via WiFi or 3G.
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    App that will let you videochat from an iPhone to a computer?

    I repeat, you do not need to be on WiFi to make yahoo video calls. I've even used it while driving in a car(I wasn't driving of course) Being on WiFi is better but not necessary.
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    App that will let you videochat from an iPhone to a computer?

    WiFi not needed to video call with Y! messenger