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  1. J

    Does Winterboard bog down the iPhone 4?

    U were right. It wasn't winterboard slowing my home button down it was a theme called gino. Has anyone else had trouble with their home button withthis theme thanks
  2. J

    Does Winterboard bog down the iPhone 4?

    hiya - i noticed that my home button was a lot less responsive when i put on winterboard - since ive removed it its a LOT LOT more responsive
  3. J

    Can cheap screen protectors damage the iphone

    Thanks that was really informative and thanks for the link too
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    Can cheap screen protectors damage the iphone

    Hey guys i dont wanna spend too much on a screen protector i was wonderong tho could a cheap Screen protrctor like the ones on ebay damage the phone in anyway ?? Also has anyone tried fitting the iphone in a windscreen mount in their car. The one i bouhht wobbles a lot
  5. J

    Apple ios 4.01 update

    Hey guys I felt someone should right about their experience with the ios 4.01 update so here it is Mine went quite smoothly if im honest - took about 20 mins all in all to download and complete. My phone is actually stalling a lot less now. sometimes i found my apps werent loading...
  6. J

    IPHONE alarm !

    Hey guys – let me start off by saying this is a fantastic forum and im finding it most helpful. All u guys are great. Quick q – is there anyway to make the iphone alarm go off even if the phone is completely switched off. I don’t like keeping it on at night (or even in its sleep mode) is...
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    Reusable silicon based screen protectors

    Hey guys wondering if someone could help me out pls. I'm thinking bout buying one of those reusable silicon based screen protectors. Is it true they do not use any glue and do not leave behind a sticky residue?I'm finding it hard to understand how it can remain sticky once u wash it!!! Any...
  8. J

    Marware flip vue leather case

    Hey guys I'm thinking bout buying the new marware flip vue case from online but was wondering if anyone has seen it first hand in person as it looks a bit too thick in the pictures and I doubt it wud fit into my pocket. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  9. J

    To all u early iPhone buyers...important advice

    Actually no, when u return a product within 28 days u r entitled to get it exchanged for a brand new one - not a refurbished one. the refurbished one u get after 28 days up to a year. yes all iphones will get updates and yes the yellow residue was glue - but trust me companies awlays make a...
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    To all u early iPhone buyers...important advice

    Hey guys I've just hear from my friend who works for apple that the fourth batch of iPhones should come with the software update, no yellow dot crap and less issues. As with all new electronic products it's best to wait until the first batch is delivered as there are always teething problems...
  11. J

    iPhone 4 Griffin reveal case review

    dude u forgot to mention that if u take a picture with this case it messes up the flash and ur images come out all wrong!
  12. J

    Iphone 4 mic for noise cancellation

    thanks phil - fantastic idea
  13. J

    Apple Issues New iPhone 4 Statement

    the worrying thing about this of course is is that the signal will remain just as bad ! just we will see more realistic lower bars ! how does this help people experiencing dropped calls ....
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    Iphone 4 mic for noise cancellation

    thanks bro
  15. J

    Hey Apple friends

    Hey guys My name is santino - completely new to iphone and absolutely love it! Im a software programmer so really dont know why i waited so long to get this phone!! - I have posted a thread in the help section and a review on my experiences with iphone cases so would love it if someone could...
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    iPhone 4 Case Review Thread

    I have tested a number of cases now - I would avoid the ones that are clear plastic at the back - especially the Griffin reveal as this messes up your phones flash and wont give you good quality pictures A rubber/silicon/leather case is prob the best to go with Personally i feel screen...
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    Iphone 4 mic for noise cancellation

    Hey Guys Ok so a bit embarassed to post this - i got excited when i first opened my iphone 4 and i presumed the tiny hole at the top was for the sim card ! and i may have tried to poke my paper clip inside it but obviously the hole was too small - Im just a little concerned that i may have...