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    Garmin USA

    Is there a way to get all my Garmin Mapsource waypoints on my pc to transfer to the Garmin USA app on my I Phone 4?
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    This app can save your life!

    would this app contact 911? motorcycle alot and would not pay to call a contact that may be with me or not.
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    voicemail help

    started to get the mesaage password incorect, message on screen sometimes at start up or when using the voicemail icon on the bottom right of the screen this is new and just started 2 days ago. i do not remember even setting up a password just used my phone # and got my voicemail. ????
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    data usage

    Is there any way to check on data usage during use of diffrent apps. Specificaly when I am using navigation apps to check on position and getting direcgtions. I do not have an unlimited data plan. 2 gig if I remember. Thanks
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    Find Your Way Around Yellowstone with new GeoRoamer Tour App

    I am leaving for Yellowstone in a few days. How will this app work with the limited cell phone coverage avaialble inthe park?
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    Iphone 4 is a disappointment

    The IPhone 4 has better reception than the last 4 plus phones I have owned. Now I have all the added benifits of all the Iphone apps. My little netbook may become obsolete!
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    Have you had signal loss problems?

    I have had a Incipio Silicrylic gel/shell combo on since new and have noticed better reception than my previous phone (Samsung).
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    iPhone 4 antenna problems.. recall?

    Sorry fellow Iphone users, i'm new to Apple and comapred to my old phone (Samaung) this thing has it all. I have found better reception in all cases and I am doing side by side test as my wife is using the my old Samsung.
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    speed dial

    understood thank you
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    speed dial

    explain please.
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    speed dial

    Hi all, I am new to the Apple/Iphone thing and am very pleased at how well I have been able to get contacts, email,wifi and web to work so easily. question is is there what I will refer to as speed dial? A contact in my phone book I give a single digit number and all I need do to call that...
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    greetings from Wisconsin's lakeshore

    This will be my first Apple product, After watching other friends with I Phones I thought many of the available apps would be great for use on the road when the wife and I motorcycle tour. I did receive notification that my new I Phone has shipped today.