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    Can you turn backup alert thing off?

    My iPhone constantly tells me in settings that backup has failed. I have now switched the auto backup off but the notification still won’t go away. I have pressed the notification telling me backup failed and said not now on the page where it asks you to pay for more storage and it disappears...
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    How do you like your XR after owning it for several months?

    I had a 6s from it being released over 3 year back and only decided to get new phone when the battery went down so fast and it turned off before battery was flat once. I had that same problem before and got it replaced as I hadn’t had it a year. So once it happened late last year I decided...
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    Scratch day app

    From the Apple App Store. No it’s not easy to win money I’ve had it nearly a week and only got £5 but still as it’s free to play and download it’s not too bad. You win a bit each day like pence. Most I’ve won in one go is £1 but most often 50p 25p or even as little as 10p.
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    Scratch day app

    has anyone tried this app? It gives you free scratch cards each day with chance of winning real money. Reading the reviews it looks to be genuine. You need to win £10 before you can collect it through PayPal. Just wondering if anyone has tried it or if anyone knows if it is genuine as in is...
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    Strange light on night photos

    i have the XR phone and was testing the camera outside tonight and on some there was this strange green light on some. I couldn’t see anything myself but as I moved the camera the light moved tho not in same position in the photo so it wasn’t anything on the lens. Any idea what mite have caused...
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    Which iPhone would you consider the best of all??

    Ok I think purely for the full screen on all the x models they are best with the XR being best value for money. Not counting the newer phones x upwards it has to be the 6s which was my first iPhone and happiest I’ve been with a phone loved the Live Photo’s on it and it being the only iPhone to...
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    Sounds on xr

    Didn’t know that thanks will try it out. Well problem solved I needed to update it to the latest iOS.
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    Sounds on xr

    That is the first thing I thought of but switched it off and still no sound. Yet when I go into settings and play ringtones they all work fine and are loud enough but still too quiet when I get call.
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    Sounds on xr

    on my XR I’ve noticed there is no vibration or sound when receiving text or messages on what’s app and when I get phone call it rings normal for a second then goes really quiet. All the settings are on for sounds and vibrate and the phone not on silent am I missing something or is there a fault...
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    Finally a phone which battery lasts a day or more

    got iPhone XR on Thursday and it is the first touchscreen phone I’ve ever had which the battery lasts a day or more. Had 6s before and needed the chargeable case on to make it last the day sometimes needed it twice in a day. With XR yesterday battery was 50% when I went to bed tho still charged...
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    Wireless charging

    I’m getting the iPhone xr later today so wondered if the wireless charging in it is useful? I’ve read you can buy the wireless charging pads, but is it worth getting one and do you have to charge them up for them to work? Also does anywhere have these wireless charging pads for you to use when...
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    Camera and display

    HELP. I had pretty much got my mind set on the xr as the price difference was so big between the x, and Xs. I have now seen the x is now £799 the xr is still the same price as before £749. So which would be best value for money older phone with better camera or newer phone with better battery?
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    Camera and display

    is the camera and display on xr good? I’m deciding on a new phone which is going to b one of the x models I know the x, Xs and Xs max have the duel cameras for better photos but is it really worth paying £250 more for that? I’m thinking probably not. I have 6s at min so I’m thinking the xr will...
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    New phone time

    From what I’ve read the xr is £250 cheaper and the only thing it’s not got is dual camera and maybe not as much zoom and 3D Touch which it sounds the haptic Touch is as good. So is there anything the Xs has that makes it worth paying the extra £250 for?
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    New phone time

    No Apple store near me but there is a Carphone Warehouse and curry’s which have phones on display so going to go in to have a look at them. I think the x is still in Carphone Warehouse. Am I right thinking all phones have Live Photo’s? I know the xr doesn’t have 3D Touch but I don’t use it much...
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    New phone time

    After having the iPhone 6s from it being released over 3 years back it’s now time for a change. Honestly it’s mainly cos the battery is running down so fast and this morning it went off when battery was 20% which I’ve had happen before which I got sorted free as I hadn’t had phone long. Now I...
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    Live Photo’s and videos not working

    Well last night they all just had ! In bottom right hand corner and just looked like still photos. I updated my phone to latest version thinking that may help, but they still all had same sign in them tho would first start to load but not get any further then that sign would appear and they...
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    Live Photo’s and videos not working

    i have iPhone 6s and all my Live Photo’s and videos won’t work yet if I take new ones they will work.
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    Google photos question about storage

    Thanks does doing this mean you can keep adding videos and photos without ever running out of space on your device?