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    Zagg Invisible Shield - Screen Question

    Another "newly" found feature I have found with the Zagg invisible shield is that it keeps the IP4 in place. I found before I had the invisible shield on, I would set the IP4 on my leg, or on an arm rest, and the phone seemed to wind up on the floor. I love the glass screen and back, but as...
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    For those with early arrivals, how's the activation process?

    You have a choice to activate online or the 800 number. I chose the 800 yesterday afternoon, and it was a very short process. It took less than the 5 minutes that you have shut your phone off after you activate. As someone said earlier, the only thing I really had to enter on the phone was...
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    Got My iphone today!!!!!

    Well, I got the i4 this afternoon. Posting this message on it as a matter of fact. Initial thoughts...the Retina is absolutely phenomenal, the look is very cool, it's slightly heavier than my 3GS, overall feel is more substantial than previous models, couldn't find FaceTime right away but...