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    chiming, bonging in remote areas

    Well there is a standard supplied ring tone called 'Bell Tower' that sounds like church bells. Perhaps you assigned it to something.
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    Reselling Old iPhones

    I did the same thing with my 32GB 3Gs. Listed on CL and sold it in 4 days for $350. The guy tried to get me to take less, but I held firm on my price. Met him at a local mall and got cash on the spot. Gazelle was offering $198 for it. After I reset all settings, I plugged it into iTunes and did...
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    Can't find typing completion

    I believe it's Settings-Keyboard-Auto Correct.
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    Words With Friends - App Review

    It's a close copy, but not exactly like Scrabble (to keep them out of hot water I suspect). The arrangement of the word and letter multipliers is different than the official Scrabble game. Nonetheless, I like it a lot, especially after the latest update which allows you to re-arrange the tiles...
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    For those with early arrivals, how's the activation process?

    My activation went smoothly. Had already done a backup of the 3Gs last night in preparation. Phone arrived at 12:30 pm via FedEx and I was activated, and restored to new phone in 30 minutes or less. The AT&T message on screen said activation could take 'up to 3 minutes'. I don't think it even...
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    Apple releases iPhone iOS 4

    Yes, just don't know which way yet. Family member, neighbor, Gazelle, Ebay, Craigslist. Since I have the 32gb 3Gs, it's still of value, especially since it supports most of the iOS4 functionality.
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    Apple releases iPhone iOS 4

    Just finished here! My 3Gs is up to date. Too bad I'll only be using it for 3 more days. :D
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    What's causing the iPhone 4 delays?

    They have tapped Samsung as a second supplier to meet the phone production demands!
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    Apple announces iOS4 Release Times

    Downloading and installing now. I backed up my phone early this morning in anticipation.