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    Auto connect earbuds

    Question is it possible to have a phone call auto connect to my Bluetooth ear buds whenever a receive a call? Instead of having to connect manually? For instance if I’m listening to music and get a call I have to click connect to ear buds
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    Face ID

    Hello everyone I recently purchased an iPhone XS Max for my daughter. I noticed it was having a hard time doing the Face ID. It only worked sometimes. So I figured maybe it didn’t get a good scan of her face. So I reset the face scan and tried to do another face scan. It wouldn’t scan her face...
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    Help retrieving messages

    No I cannot. I just spoke to my 4th technician and apparently this is a new issue going on with Apple. It started on august 1st and they are working on repairing it
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    Help retrieving messages

    Hello everyone I could use a little help if you don’t mind. So I had an issue where I could not remember my passcode to my phone so I had to do a factory reset on my iPhone 11 promax. So I did the reset and I did a back up from the cloud because every single night at midnight I pack up all my...
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    Does anyone know how to fix it when you use voice text and say okay it automatically types OK. It is so annoying