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    Battery running low

    Thank you for replies, the battery has always given a couple of days between charges, that's facebook, emails etc, I will get used to it.
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    Battery running low

    Since updating to latest I O S 7, my 4s battery seems to run down more quickly, I am not doing anything different.
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    iPhone 5C Expensive Mistake: 3 Million Collecting Dust in Inventory Warehouses

    I dropped my 4s on a hard floor, had a cheap case on at the time, thought this is the end of my phone, not a scratch on it.
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    Apple Says Snooping on Your iMessages is Not Possible

    I have checked Settings , Usage, Messages, sure enough there are saved messages which I did'nt save, no option to delete.
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    Are iPhone 4s and 5 now obsolete?

    So does my 4s, installed IOS7 without a hitch.
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    first iphone

    You learn something new everyday, I did'nt know you could just leave WiFi on and it would join networks when accessible, I thought I had to switch from 3g to WiFi. Thank you
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    Hi All

    Hello David, welcome to the forum, I have 4s, amazing phone
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    New Leaked HQ Pics of the iPhone 5C

    A red one would be good
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    Trying to find iPhone's IMEI/ESN while device is locked and charging port broken....?

    Dial *#06# to retrieve your phone's IMIE number it will show up on screen
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    New to the forum

    Hi 2wheeler I have a 4s, my first iPhone, took a while to get used to it, but it's great, it has made me lazy, I use it instead of iPad or laptop.
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    Fleksy – Type Naturally

    Does the Fleksy App work the same way as predictive mode on a lot of phones?
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    iphone 4s

    Hi I am a new member too, I have a 4s, a great phone, it just does everything you want it to do, the only down side at least I think is the keyboatd.