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    Multiple SMS text message sending

    Just type in your contacts name in the field at the top
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    Why you're getting a Droid in my store

    lol at working on commision, unlucky.
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    Very useful iPhone app! 99% of people needs this

    Isn't this what Doctors are for? Can't really justify self diagnosise via an iPhone can you? Somebody could get it horribly wrong and cause themselves more harm than good.
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    Ringer Volume

    Increase the volume of the song/ringtone you are using on iTunes before making it your ringtone. I done that and now I have R.Kelly which, on normal full volume (no app's uses) is incredibly loud, so I only ever set it to 70% max, ever.
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    New Member - LiamGTR

    Updated with a pic of the car, as promised :)
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    My iPhone 4 keeps 'bleeping' as if i've had a Push Notification, when I don't?

    Hi yea all of my folders were synced even my junk mail so hopefully that will sort it thank you
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    New Member - LiamGTR

    Thanks :) Although seems a bit quiet around here? :(
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    My iPhone 4 keeps 'bleeping' as if i've had a Push Notification, when I don't?

    The topic pretty much says it all... My phone will randomly, and very often, bleep as if i've had a Push Notification (I.e. Facebook/E-Mail)... I'm not getting this confused with texts as that as i'm sur eyou know, is a different sound. I will check my phone after the 2nd/3rd 'bleep' but...
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    New Member - LiamGTR

    Hi all, Recently purchased an iPhone 4 on the Three network, got a few issues which i'll take up in the relevant sections. As for my intro: I'm 20, and currently work at Northumbria University as a Fitness Instructor but looking to join the RAF as a PTI as i'm getting bored of life in...