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    Adding the Apple Insider RSS feed to my My Yahoo homepage

    Until recently I was able to have the daily Apple Insider RSS feed included as part of my My Yahoo homepage. I was able to overcome a malware glitch and the homepage was restored, except for the Apple RSS feed. I have enjoyed that feed for the past few years but cannot find any information as to...
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    Possible BUG in iOS "People" Album

    iPhone 6; iOS 11.2.6 Since latest iOS update, a bug seems to have crept into my "People" Album in Photos. Previously the phone would properly recognize faces and allow them to be grouped in the People album by name. Recently, however, if I select a new photo and scroll down, the thumbnail that...
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    Eliminating the annoying "Standard" voicemail prompt

    I recently came across an article which described how to eliminate the annoying "standard" prompt when trying to leave a voicemail. <br><br>After hearing the message recorded by the recipient, a "standard" prompt usually plays asking to Wait for the beep, etc. <br><br>The article I mentioned...