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    Spense, expense tracking app that allows multiple people to share a spending journal

    Hi All, After a long 9 months, we are proud to announce the arrival of Spense! We'd love for you to check it out and give us your opinion! ​ Spense provides an easy, quick way to track your daily spending. Looking for a way to cut down on daily expenses? You don’t have to make a...
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    I'm a new member!

    Hi all, I'm an i device junky. Started out with the 3Gs, and updated to a 4S last Christmas, with an iPad as well. My husband is a part time app developer and I'm a stay at home mom. Looking forward to some great ideas and topics on this forum. Lisa
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    Hold on to Balgon and let's adventure in the mystery land in Balloon Dragon

    UhOh, looks like another addictive game for my sons!