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    Iphone screen flickering but works fine

    If a reboot : Hold the top button and home button together until the apple logo does not work then either ask Apple at the Genius bar for an out of warranty replacement to which a fee will be charged or buy another iPhone.
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    Apple Care + .........Hopefully good news for Uk Owners

    About time ! "Allegedly, the AppleCare+ launch is now “imminent” in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Switzerland, at least initially. If true, this will be the first time Apple offered the $99 extended coverage and premium support service to customers outside the United...
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    Iphone 4 problemm

    You should first do a back up to iTunes or iCloud. Then hook up to iTunes , click on the device and update the iOS. It's the same if your jail broken too. Hopefully your iCloud has auto backed up so when you've finished updating you can elect to restore from a back up.
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    new i5 owner

    As the iPhone auto switches from wifi back to 3g when in sleep mode to save battery its advised to turn off mobile/cellular data and 3g toggles.
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    Backing up,Cloud or PC

    I carry out both too. If one fails then another is their as an option.
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    How far back and how many deleted texts can be recovered

    Deleted texts messages cannot be pulled from the phone once the deletion has taken place. Some software i believe can retract fragmented parts of them.
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    How far back and how many deleted texts can be recovered

    That very question has been asked many times. I believe the Networks Servers would keep them live for a couple of weeks/ months before they are deleted or overwritten.
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    Stream Sports

    You would need to be a Sky subscriber to be able to download the Sky Go app and watch the programmes. Plus if you jail-broke the Sky Go App detects this even with xCon or xCon Beta, and blocks the service. If your a Bt broadband Customer then you can get Bt sport free and watch it on your...
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    Need Suggestion For New Case

    I buy my iPhone 5 bumpers off e bay or amazon for around £1.99 / $3.11 They are basically a cheap throw away option that suits me.
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    Hey guys im back

    Welcome Back to the dark side !!
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    My gaming experience yesterday !

    Hi, Now in my defence I've not played a game on my X-Box in an age ! Recently I acquired the newly released Tomb Raider, and as I've played most of the earlier versions some years ago, I thought id take it to a duck on water andwas doing quite well ! Well along came a part of the game...
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    wrong imie

    Its possible someone has replaced the sim tray. Did you buy the phone from a shop or privately ?
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    wrong imie

    Pardon ? Requesting an 'unlock to all networks' from your network provider the iPhone is locked to so you can use any networks sim card will not change your imei number !
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    hone burned in fire please help

    Learning Curve : Perform a back-up via iCloud and iTunes. Dont play with fire or ya going to get burnt !
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    Iphone 5 turns off

    Hi and Welcome to the forum, Perhaps your power cord is broken in some way. Try an alternative one to factor it out. is your iPhone fully charged when you turn it back on. If your jail broken look at the most recent tweaks you have downloaded and remove them. Is your iPhone up to date with...
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    iPhone 5 stuck in restore mode

    Could be hardware or software related ! It's under warranty hence why I suggested letting a genius sort it out for you.
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    ironman3 hack

    That's fair enough. :)
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    iPhone 5 stuck in restore mode

    Make an appointment at your most local Apple Genius Bar.
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    Show Your Home Screens

    Elite6 is awesome.
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    Peope are less satisfied with iphone compared to last year

    The beauty of choice. Ive not yet seen another make of cellphone thats drawn me away from Apple. One of the strongest attractions also is Apples Customer Service and support.