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    Battery Issues Reported for iPhone 5 With iOS 6.0.2

    My phone has lost about 2 hours per charge from 6.0.1 - I used to end the day with about 45-50% battery left when going to bed. Today, I had 38% left while leaving work at 3pm and did NOT use my phone any more than normal. I wish I hadnt updated. Oh and I had no WiFi issues before this "wifi...
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    Apple Care Warranty Experience?

    Well I went to the Apple store last night. Of course, the phone was NOT exhibiting any of the issues that is was that I was mentioning. When I was sitting at the Genius Bar waiting for my appointment, I got the silver apple restart, but nothing when he was looking at it. HOWEVER, he took my word...
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    iPhone could ship out 47.5 million iPhones in December

    This article lost my interest the moment they called it the 5th Generation iPhone.... If they want to consider themselves experts they may want to at least realize that this is the 6th Generation iPhone.... iPhone iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhone 5
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    Apple Care Warranty Experience?

    I believe you missed the entire question I was asking. I did not ask if they would repair the damage or replace it BECAUSE of the damage. I was asking if they would NOT replace the phone for the software issues I am experiencing BECAUSE of the damage that happened BEFORE I could get to the apple...
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    Apple Care Warranty Experience?

    So I have an iPhone 5 that has been acting up a little bit. Its not even 2 months old yet but there is a catch... The phone was dropped about 2 ft, and has a small dent on the top. The glass is in tact, and the dent isnt even that bad, but my issues Ive been having have been around for a...
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    Only iPhone 4S and iPad 3 Will Be Able to Run FaceTime over 3G

    Am I missing something here?? They say that the iPad 2 cant do this stuff because it doesnt have the A5 chip, yet right here in their specs Apple - iPad 2 - View the technical specifications for iPad 2. it shows A5??? Not only does the iPad2 have the A5, it had it before the 4S... so whats going on?
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    Why are Apple so slow?

    Wait... I dont understand... are you putting down apple, or praising them?! "I are not knowing what is you postings are saying...."
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    iPhone 5 = iPhone 4S?

    Apple is doing a good job of hiding it from people like you or i. Think about it, we are nobody in the world of technology when compared to the likes of Apple (sarcasim). Apple has many people paid a LOT of money to keep these things under wraps, and those who ARE "in the know" are under a very...
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    Ios 5 for iphone 4?

    This is thread 35664874541215744 on this subject!!!!! READ THE FORUM BEFORE POSTING!
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    screwed over by verizon/asurion...

    lol... I know you are new here and all, but that droid thing was his signature and wasnt directed towards you. So you are randomly responding to something that has nothing to do with your topic at hand. How can you possibly feel jipped by Asureon? You dont bother to ask what it is you are...
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    Threat of the Galaxy S II

    I used to have an original Moto Droid... then came the Incredible dubbed an "iphone killer". Then came the Droid X also dubbed iphone killer... then came the Droid 2, X2, Charge, etc... all claimed to beat the iphone... All this advertising did was..... make me want an iphone, and Ive never...
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    Why I got the iphone?

    My reply to these as both an Android and iPhone 4 user. I came up with a list of why I got the iphone over an android phone. Are any of these reasons factually inaccurate? ‎1. I can keep it stock and it works like promised. With the Droid phones you have to root to get them to work are...
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    WTB cheap iphone 4

    This is not the right forum for this... no classifies here!
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    iPhone 4 now and unlimited data or iPhone 5 later with tiered plan?

    Everything you just said is pure speculation... there is no known, factual information, just rumors on the iPhone 5, and no rumor can be taken as fact. And stating that an "iPhone 6" would be a complete redesign is just using Apples track records (which obviously broke this year as there was...
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    messed up

    Oh and yeah, since you obviously have the Greenp0ison skull, going to the apple store is out of the question.
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    messed up

    Something tells me that pushing a "Delete all info" button is never really a good thing. Its like a big red button that says "Dont Push" and you pushed it... Simply get the phone into DFU mode in the same way you start to jailbreak and go from there. Try rejailbreaking it.
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    iphones do different things??

    Its coincidence. The size of the memory has no affect on the operation of the phone, and certainly not the radio. Unless you were running the exact same iOS and had the same carrier settings installed, this isnt really a very big deal.
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    Battery Drain 4.2.8 on IP 4

    Clearly 4.1 is not a Verizon phone, and secondly this is about 4.2.6 to 4.2.8 upgrade, therefore your phone doesnt have the same issue.
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    Verizon update?

    Only thread number 29052592572756892849 on this question...
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    Absolute best iPhone 4 case?

    The Mophie Juick Pack is a battery case, not just a regular case... They may not like the bulk that it will add.