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    Bluetooth pairing problem with IOS 5

    I have an old Motorola H700 bluetooth headset that worked fine on IOS 4.X, but it is not working correctly on IOS 5. The button works to activate voice control, but the audio on voice control doesn't use the headset. Am I the only one having problems with this? Is it only the Motorola...
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    Verizon Wireless Will End Unlimited Data Plans for IPhone - Thoughts?

    I have found that generally Verizon carries over the plan you have into new contracts if you are not doing something like swapping out for an upgraded phone--things stay the same if you're lateral. So at the end of two years, if you purchase another iPhone or lesser phone, you'll probably be...
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    I have an old Motorola BT headset (I think an H700?) that works perfectly--some of the time. Other times it just won't pair properly--and I think it's an iP4 problem, not a problem with my bluetooth. It seems to occur when the phone signal is weak to begin with, but the handset works OK...
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    How do you evaluate apps?

    I just got my VW iPhone4 today :) One of the apps I need really quickly is a good clock/alarm. I would like it to act as a desk clock, but more importantly I need alarms for morning wakeup. On my Palm Centro (don't laugh, it's paid for!) I was using a program called Butler for the alarms. If...
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    Verizon Wireless Will End Unlimited Data Plans for IPhone - Thoughts?

    My experience with VZ in the past is that when my contract ended and I bought a new phone (Palm at that time), they made me go to a higher cost plan. But if you buy the iPhone 4 while they have the unlimited data plan, they will not make you go to a more expensive plan at the end of two years...
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    I'm an iPhone User Wannabe

    I'm getting along pretty well with the research. One thing that I'm looking at is an app that will allow me to open, read, and edit Microsoft Office Documents. I use Documents to Go on my Palm, but there seems to be a problem with the latest update to the Documents to Go iPhone app, so it...
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    What are you ditching for the Verizon iPhone4?

    I'll be gently putting down (not dumping!) my Palm Centro. Is everybody laughing yet? But it's been a good thing for me and did exactly what I needed it to do while waiting around for Verizon to get the iPhone.
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    I'm an iPhone User Wannabe

    I've been waiting and waiting for Verizon to FINALLY get the iPhone, but cannot justify the cost at the moment. It WILL happen soon, I hope. I have a perfectly good dinosaur (Palm Centro) that I have fully geeked out and use constantly, but I'm lusting after a new toy, of course. Meanwhile...