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    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    I second the warm milk suggestion. Even cold milk works for me. Every time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    protection for iPhone 7

    I have the Apple battery case and really glad I got it. No issues to date although I do wonder how long it will last. It's a security blank for me plus I like the ease of putting it on - easy.
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    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    Poisonivy, watched The Shawshank Redemption last night thanks to your mention. Thanks for the reminder.
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    How to delete reminders

    Thanks, Bear!
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    What iPhone App did you download today?

    And me as well.
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    iPhone 6 here we go

    Got my iPhone 6 yesterday. Just walked in Best Buy and walked out 30 minutes later. First Apple device I haven't bought from Apple. Spent most of this morning setting it up from iTunes backup. (Don't use iCloud) Went smoothly. Couple of things I don't like - position of off button but I've read...
  7. B Site Upgrade!

    Thanks so much for your reply. Not to be sarcastic, but how would I have known that if I hadn't seen the website? I have learned as much about my iPhone 4S from app as I've learned from Apple. Read it every day. Ps I'm your neighbor to the south - Indiana.
  8. B Site Upgrade!

    Neither the iPhone app nor the iPad app has worked for two days. Just a message saying "Parse Error" is all I get. Is this a part of the software upgrade? When will it be back to normal? '
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    How to change the size of my app labels?

    This happened to me yesterday. The password screen only showed about half the numbers. Not knowing what else to do, I tried a hard reset and it worked. Happened again a few hours later. Another hard reset fixed it again
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    Question About Available Space on Phone

    Ha we have a mystery! I noticed the reviews and thought they were fake also. I haven't used the app and don't intend to. Wonder if Willerz2 has actually used it.
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    Question About Available Space on Phone

    App deleted, app downloaded again - same thing. I will contact Apple Support. If I get an interesting response I'll post it here. Thanks again, really appreciate your help.
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    Question About Available Space on Phone

    Thanks for your response. I ordered the correct app, $1.99. As you can see, the icon is correct; the title is wrong. Also the 1st page appears to be correct. If not, please let me know. This is the first time there's been an error like this.
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    Question About Available Space on Phone

    Willerz, I just purchased the iClean app after reading your response on this thread. Two strange things, at least to me. 1) the app is titled "Lyric Search" and 2) when I click on contact customer support, there is no recipient - it's blank. Is this correct? Thanks.
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    Banking app that replaces laptop?

    I just joined iPhone forum so I could respond to this thread. I also use Accounts2 and highly recommend it. I've never had a problem. It's easy to use and way easier than a paper check register.