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    iPhone photo albums

    I am a new user. How do I create albums in Photos
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    Creating folders for Notes

    Yesterday a BB Storm user. Today a Verizon iPhone4 user. Can I create folders to store the Notes that I write? In BB there was a Memo Pad utility in Applications. One could create and name a folder to store memos. Can I do this on the iPhone? Thanks SWL
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    deleting emails

    Previously a BB Storm user. Now have a Verizon iPhone 4. On BB had option of deleting emails from device or from Mailbox and device. Are these options available on iPhone. When I delete emails from phone now they stay on my server. Sometimes I don't want that.
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    Welcome to the iPhone Forum! Please post an introduction thread.

    Good morning. I am new to iPhone and new to posting threads on a forum. Just switched from BB Storm to Verizon iPhone4. Not totally in love with it. Have 2 questions regarding 1) deleting emails from device but not from Verizon server and 2)being able to create folders for the notes that I write...