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    GMint - FREE Photo Editor, Simple and Fresh !!!

    Hi there, please try my new app: GMint is a simple and FREE photo editor which you can use to customize and share your photos in very easy and simple way. Main Features: - easy editing, real time preview - simple frames in two colors: black and white - 15 photo effects (10 mono style) - crop...
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    Cloudy File - get your remote files

    Hi, the new version of great app Cloudy Fille now available !!! Check what is new in App Store description ! App Store - Cloudy File CODES: AKXWXPPMMMN3 E4FTYH6R9KKA L7MALRYRANLN KN44H6WKYP7M 97MAAX9FTFJ3 PJKET9YRN4KH TWYXT7E6K9JH E3K7Y7PF7AFR 693FFHXR6P9E Cheers! BFTE
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    Cloudy File - get your remote files

    Cloudy File App Store: App Store - Cloudy File removed external links. Cloudy file is a simple file manager for iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. Application allows you to download or upload files from FTP or Dropbox server. You can manage those files, change name, cut, copy, delete...
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    Slapper - save (Your) face! - reminder app

    Slapper version 1.0.0 App Store: App Store - Slapper please refrain from posting external links,thank you. App description: Slapper is a reminder app, helps us to remember important days or events in our life, there is a lot of options, list of prepared events, event icons (which change to...