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    iPhone 5's touchscreen is much faster than Galaxy S4's

    Yea i have my phone 5 and nexus 7 2nd gen LOL yea, I hope the kinks are worked out of the Note 3 before its released!! I will also be getting a note 10.1 2014 on launch day! I wanted the latest one but it just didnt deliver really. low res screen, not enough ram ect. The new one looks like a...
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    iPhone 5's touchscreen is much faster than Galaxy S4's

    Im sorry but this really isnt a noticeable thing. Ive had my iphone 5 for 6 months and was an android user prior(for 3 years), latest was the S3. Moving from the S3 to the iphone 5, there was nothing really noticeable in regards to the touch screen. They are both semi inaccurate, they both have...
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    Burberry Shoots Entire Fashion Show on iPhone 5s

    And it looks like its shot with an iphone
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    FCC Gives the Game Away About iPhone 5S and 5C Battery Size

    Wonder if Apple has any of the new quick charge tech that the new androids are coming out with, with the snapdragon 600(S4) and 800(note 3 and LG G2)
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    iPhone 5S May Be Delayed Due To Upgraded 4.3-inch Display Change

    If this is true, your going to see alot of really pissed off case and accessory manufactures(moving from a 2 year cycle to a 1 year). Also a sharp decline in what will be available for the 5S compared to the 5, since the 6 would be knowingly a different phone altogether as well. I personally...
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    New Google Maps App Coming Soon to iOS

    I really love google maps, but it just doesnt work on IOS. Literally, just keeps saying cannot connect to server. I have done all the necessary trouble shooting. Just crappy. I love google maps.
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    iOS 7 security bug allows anyone to access photos and email

    hopefully this = a jail break method
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    Chicago Sun-Times Fires All Staff Photographers in Favour of iPhone Snappers

    ....Welcome to the death of photography. Awesome
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    Bumper Case blocks reception?

    This is a dead forum, i wouldnt expect any feed back.
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    The iPhone 5 is cheaper to assemble than the Samsung Galaxy S4

    You should check out the Nokia 808 with its 41MP sensor. not the best phone, but it has the best camera in any phone to date. I hope to see more of this. Review: Nokia 808 PureView: Digital Photography Review
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    The iPhone 5 is cheaper to assemble than the Samsung Galaxy S4

    :) Indeed, aren't they the best out of all phones?
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    Battery pack

    mophie juice pack powerstation Travel Battery Charger iPod, iPhone, iPad, Cellphone look for something like that. Atleast 4000mah and if you want quick charge for ipad something that puts out 2.1 amps. cheaper Mophie Powerstation 4000mAh 2.1A External Battery Charger for iPad...
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    The iPhone 5 is cheaper to assemble than the Samsung Galaxy S4

    So you went from saying that the iphone 5 has GS3(which is wrong) That the IP5's screen is better, which is very likely to be wrong.(just because the IP5 has a "retina" which is just a trademark by apple saying that the eye cannot see pixels on the screen) does not mean its better. 320ppi...
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    Rocket Fish lightning charging cable from best buy report

    Hey, Just wanted to let everyone know that the rocket fish charging cord is somewhat a fail. It works like its supposed to and all of that jive, but it is made too thick(not the metal lightning plug in, but the plastic before it. ). So if you have a case that is made for the OEM plug in and is...
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    Charging Cases?

    Nice ive been waiting for this!
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    Cases the Spigen Glas-tR will fit?(besides spigen cases)

    This has to be the slowest forum ive ever been on. Definitely miss the android forums. Mods you can just go ahead and lock this or delete.
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    Cases the Spigen Glas-tR will fit?(besides spigen cases)

    I know that all spigen cases will fit, besides that, it would be nice to get a list together of cases. So what ever you confirm fits, ill put it in this OP. Im interested in seeing what other cases I can get. Im sure other people that have this particular screen protector might be as well...
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    Spigen Neo Hybrid EX Slim Metal Review.

    I recently when over it with a clorox wipe and it looks good and new so far. thats about all i can say as of now.