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    iPhone 4 - Renault - Carminat

    My car has a built in Carminat system, Sat Nav, MP3 and Bluetooth. All works well and my iPhone is found really quickly and I can make and receive calls with no problems at all. I want to add my current phonebook to my car system via an options menu built into the car, having no luck at all...
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    Synch Issues

    Can anyone offer any help with this one. I am synching with itunes (latest version) - everything is going well apart from music, it refuses to synch. When I check on itunes it shows the memory increase like it has transferred but there is nothing on my phone. I tried using a third party...
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    Sat Nav For The UK / Ireland

    Go give skobbler a try, believe there are two versions the most expensive being about £1.70....speed cameras built in. Better than paying £20.00 plus!!
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    Just found the site, another user from the UK. First iPhone is a 16gb 4, arrived yesterday so still having fun playing with functions - previously been a Nokia smartphone user.