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    need urgent photo recovery help

    If you backed up the original in iTunes you can recover it and I'll tell you how: From the computer that iTunes is in go to \Documents and Settings\user(or whatever login info is there for you)\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\ Click on the folder that has been modified most...
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    jailbreaking , is it worth the hassle ?

    Waze Navigation seems to work well as a substitute for Google Nav. If your into theme for your operating system, then jailbreaking is the way to go. Some apps on Cydia cost $ and some don't. I like having the ability to change the UI up.
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    Show Your Home Screens

    Loving Nina'a Avtar!! Very Beautiful!
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    New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Wants all Her Employees to Have a Free iPhone

    I guess that is why her ***Moderation Notice*** self resigned from Google. Over the phone at that!!!
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    Show Your Home Screens

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    Show Your Home Screens

    That theme is called Sense.
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    Newest iPhone Commercial Features Marty Scorsese and Maybe an iPhone 5?

    And maybe an iPhone 5?? WTF. It says 4s right on the commercial. Nice trick to get someone to click on this!
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    Should i jailbreak?

    absinthe 2.04 is a 1 click Jailbreak tool. Awesome if you want to jailbreak.
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    Battery life of my 4s

    All of these threads are irrelevant due to everybody being in different geo locations. It's obvious that if your far away from a tower and get horrible G reception, your battery is going to drain faster.
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    Weather app

    my radar. It's in the app store and is awesome. Try it out
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    4S Front digitizer/lcd difference from 4G Verizon(CDMA)

    I think he's talking about 4 generation, not 4g network.
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    iPhone 4/4S signal issues (Microcell)

    you may want to try updating your service settings and roaming capabilities. 1st, dial *228 then when it connects hit 1 then repeat that but when it connects hit 2. your services will be update successfully at this point.
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    Status bar missing?

    Go into winterboard and check that you dont have a "Hide status bar" tweak enabled. If not, then start deleting your most recent tweaks that you have installed. eventually you'll find the culprit. Certain dreamboard themes will automatically install a tweak to hid the status bar. FYI
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    Sou português

    você tem que desbloquear seu telefone. Então baixe ifile no Cydia App Store. boa sorte
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    Show Your Home Screens

    You ain't lying G-Weezy!! Proper credit to all those involved: Zfrost, Durben, Suby, Metaserp and my personal favorite themer Dacal!
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    pod2g just announced 5.1 untethered

    Doubt it cause A4 Processor. Likely will still take a while to JB the A5 on the 4S
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    Show Your Home Screens

    Nexodus by Zfrost and Company.
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    New 4S user from MA......

    Welcome Alien! Beware of updating to IOS 5.1. I sense you may have been an android person so you gonna look into Jailbreaking. Ask questions brother!
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    Advice on iPhone4's lack of widgets

    I bet your not missing the horrible battery life or the Force close errors. Put your phone face down to prevent lighting up he room. Entering your password to download free stuff is a security measure for your protection. Disable the lockscreen, but then I bet your complaining about pocket...
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    Made the mistake of updating to 5.1, want to downgrade to 5.0 for untethered JB.

    Do you have a 4, or 4S? Help these guys help you by giving the correct info. If your on iPhone 4, you can downgrade. If your on iPhone 4S you can not downgrade.