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    Should I upgrade to Iphone 4 or wait?

    I waited last year around this time. Glad i did. If 5 doesnt blow you away you can always get 4 for a reduced price.
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    My first question and doubs. AT&T threats me about tethering

    Haha I am on this super secret torrent site that has several christians on it. I got in trouble for swearing on there! Apparently its perfectly fine to steal anything that can be stolen on the internet as long as we sensor our curse words. Who am I to judge? Anyway, the big question is, do...
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    Whats your favorite app.

    I am on tapatalk constantly. I like iSub a lot too.
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    Your level in infinity blade?

    Any way to speed up the money collection without cheating? Well anyway I am still working on mastering all the lower stuff. TBH the game gets monotonous after a while. You would think with the size of the staff they could have quicker updates.
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    Is Blackberry better then iPhone?

    You mean the wifi app? That is something that I would really like. Not sure why iPhone wouldn't have that with the bazillion apps that are available. Hey BB was the poop not long ago. I am sure a lot of iPhone users would still stick with iPhone even if something else is blowing it out of the...
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    Your level in infinity blade?

    What do you have to do to get to that point tho. I have killed everyone in the dungeon like 3 times. Nothing happened. Do I need to purchase the Infinity Blade? I have been saving up forever but cant get much above 200k.
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    iPhone 5 Will Not Now Have NPC Capabilities

    Looks like using your phone like a credit card. I am not sure I am ready for this anyway.
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    Best top 5 cydia app & tweaks to install for 2011

    It will still be a 4 icon dock until you actually drag another one in there. If that doesn't do it then I am not sure. I actually lost 5x4 spring board when I installed something so I removed the 5 dock and now use the infinidock. Needed a change of scenery anyway.
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    4.3 Out, Hold off. Do NOT upgrade yet

    I should do that tbh. How do you recall shsh via cydia tho? I have hit the button but I wouldn't know what to do if I needed it. I guess google the fine fellow will let me know.
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    4.3 Out, Hold off. Do NOT upgrade yet

    Cool was going to wait anyway. I messed up with 4.2.1 and updated right away and was kicking myself.
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    Car Lovers section

    I used to be a car buff as a kid. As an adult. A working car is awesome and one with good gas mileage is even better lol.
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    Is it "too late" to get an iPhone 4

    Yeah i think 4 is probably the biggest jump we will see for a while. The biggest thing is probably the screen. Some people now think its small bit its still the best looking screen in the game. Not likely to change on the next phone. Its plenty powerful too. I think its going to still be...
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    Lifeproof case

    Go for it then lol. I am not that brave. I still think something like this could be worth it. Poop happens. Especially to me.
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    So you switched from Android to iPhone. Are you happy?

    If you jailbreak and do nothing else there is basically no difference. Certain things you might install may be buggy thats why I would recommend installing one thing at a time. If its buggy then get rid of it. If not move on. I have only done minor customizations to mine and it runs like it did...
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    Watchin Movies

    Haha I am the opposite. When I see he is in a movie I avoid it like the plague. He is pretty funny if you are a 12 years old boy lol. I usually watch movies that either aren't appropriate for my young family or ones the my wife wont watch. Like hottub time machine, land of the lost. Also old...
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    Lifeproof case

    Let us know how that goes. Id still be scared to immerse it. Do they promise to replace the phone if it leaks?
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    Infinity blade! Whos ready!

    I ended up saving my character and restarting the bloodlines. Makes it easy again. Im on bloodline 9 but level 37 or something. Its starting to get hard again tho. I just want to save up for the infinity blade or better. Maybe the finger!
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    So you switched from Android to iPhone. Are you happy?

    Mac actually has an advantage for the fact it doesnt ha e the market share. Its not targeted as much by virus and malware. Fwiw I am a windows user. I am about ready to make the switch tho. Win7 is a big improvement over the older OS but it is still far from perfect. The software I use now that...
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    Infinity Blade Gets Deathless Kings Free Update and Price Cut

    It looks like its just an optimization for the iPad2. There is nothing else different in the description.
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    Lifeproof case

    I would get one but my phone is already looking worn. What am I protecting at this point. Too bad they cant come out with these things soon after the phone is released. Maybe iPhone5 eh?