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    Help A Brother Out Please!!!!!

    i entered two remixes into a little contest. i didnt find out about said contest untill three days ago and banged out two tracks real quick. please follow these links and take a listen to both tracks Sasha - Cut Me Down(Dj101's Break4Life Remix)...
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    galaxy s owner just moved over to the iphone 4

    a little hit for the screen....go into your settings and turn it up to just over 75% the default is like 50% and untill your phone is jailbroke,it is crippled in my opinion my biggest issue is the transition animations.after speeding them up,i dont understand why apple would want there phone...
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    Can the iphone 4 connect to the internet through a home wireless router?

    most deffinatly....thats all my wife does....she never even touches her data
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    1e8517ed6a875d11d4a0f26ad8dac93a2cd2cd2ff6d is my udid ...and thank you!!!

    1e8517ed6a875d11d4a0f26ad8dac93a2cd2cd2ff6d is my udid ...and thank you!!!
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    Wooden iPhone 4 With iCarbons Dark Wood Premium Skin

    my girl has been rocking the one from and loves it. found a matching theme(one of the most complete themes ive seen) Engraved Wood HD....if you have this skin...the theme is a must!!!!! i went with the brushed looks awsome!!!!!!!! but to my disappointmtent,the skin...
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    Best HD themes

    like i said there are lots of themes put up every week...and going through the pages will be like a treasure hunt that pays off:D is that theme!!!!!!
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    Jailbreak has.... LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!!

    i cant say that i havent had any issues,but just like stated above...mostly cause i keep pushing the limits of my device learning how to do deeper and deerper customizations. i would deffinatly recomend jailbreaking and adding one,two or three what i consider essential upgrades. (there are...
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    See Through iPhone 4 Skin From

    if i can ever get over this patent black leather back.... ill get the naked stickers
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    iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S

    im happy with my phone now...but the same thing with the a5 would be sweet.....was really hoping for the 12mp camera too
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    Best HD themes

    i put this one on lastnight ,found it on pretty sure it not the i cant give credit where it is due
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    White theme?

    ive been working on a 5 page perpagehtml theme i got the beginings of off here is just one screenshot....the theme was stolen from timothy1 from someone else,not me)so i will not post the full theme. but it is easily change i photo shop
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    Lock screen clock?

    Springtomize also has the lockscreen clock hide option
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    have no idea how to put this theme in my iphone4

    SSH The contents of the "WB themes inside" folder to: Private/var/stash/Themes go into winterboard and select the theme...then respring
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    have no idea how to put this theme in my iphone4

    it doesnt have any weather or anything,so it should be pretty strait forword. just put the files in /var/stash/themes and select in winterboard. im going to download this theme and install with step buy step instructions to follow ASAP. i have to go help a freind set up her new iphone 4...
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    iphone 4 ios 4.2.1 bb 2.10.4 unlock

    with al;l the uk seller that have factory unlocked iphone4 for sale....why oh why do people keep buy a phone they cant use???? my advice....find one unlocked on craigslist/or buy one factory unlocked ....then sell the one you cant currantly use. even for a small lose,it sure would be nice to...
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    Verizon iPhone 4 volume only changes when button is released

    defect.....take her back and get another dont forget to sync EVERYTHING,check all the boxes in itunes,or at least all the stuff you want on the next phone. take her back,get another then when you get home and sync from will be exactly the same again EASY SQUEEZY
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    need help with calling before iam ready ???

    you just get used to it after a short while...just in the favs and recents does it do that,
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    iPhone 4 Gets Nearly Double the Battery Life of Some Android Phones

    i just cant break the habbit of always plugging my phone in.brought on by the use of other battery hog phones befor this one. i dont think i have ever gone lower than 75% but having a nice charging dock on my computer desk just makes it so easy.and having a charge/listening cord in the car is...
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    Jailbreak then Apple Update - now jailbreak will not work again

    to be fair,there are alot of new iphone owners.....some people only learn the hard they dont update again after a good jailbreak i did the same thing in my 1st 30 days of gettn my phone
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    What's the purpose of jailbreaking compared to rooting?

    it just peeves me that a company can sell you something then try to tell you want you can and cant do to the said device that I OWN personally...if i couldnt do the jailbreak/rooting of my phone,i would throw it out a window and go back to nokia.