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    app that will play sound when device is hit, tapped or dropped?

    Anyone know of an app that will play a sound clip or song when the iPhone is hit, tapped, dropped or exposed to some type of physical shock? I have an otterbox defender and would like to use my phone on my drum kit to play/trigger short sound clips or effects when hit lightly on the back with...
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    Jailbreak Ios 7

    So what's the real story on seeing an untethered jailbreak for IOS 7? News has been inconsistent and scetchy. Most of the normal sites have not been updated since middle of October. There's even a website the claims to do it from from your device -most likly some sort of scam.
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    Throttling 4g LTE

    Maybe this has already been answered. I had an iPhone 4 (3g)with grandfathered unlimited data plain which after using 3gigs of data gets throttled to unusable speeds. It was my understanding that phones on 4g are allowed 5 gigs before getting throttled. An AT&T rep told me that upgrading to...
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    App to trigger a sound effect WITH DRUMSTICK?

    I'm a drummer. Is there an app that would allow me to trigger a sound effect by hitting the iPhone with a drumstick? Now hold on, let me explain. I have an otterbox defender case wich could certainly withstand a drum stick hit. Like placing the iPhone on a flat surface (face down) plugging the...
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    Tethered jailbreak boot 5.0.1 help!

    iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1. I susessfully jail broke with Redsnow. The problem I am having is the tethered reboot. Normally I get get redsnow to recognize the phone is in DFU mode & proceed with boot. When the progress bar is almost to the end of "exploiting limera1n" the apple logo appers on the phone...