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    Issue with blank icons on iPhone 3GS

    Hi all, I just got myself a factory unlocked iPhone 3GS. It is version 4.1, and has the firmware 5.13.04 (because I'm an idiot and updated my iPhone today by accident). I have Cydia running on my iPhone. I added all my apps, but now I have blank icons when I go through my phone. I already...
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    Need help - Moving out of the country

    Thanks for the info. I looked on Apple's website and may just go ahead and buy the unlocked iPhone from them on the GSM network. It seems that this is supported by Etisalat (the major cell phone provider in the UAE). It's around $650 but I am wondering if I can get an educator's discount on it...
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    Need help - Moving out of the country

    Thanks for the info, Jmills. Where do you suggest I look to buy a GSM iPhone? Is eBay a good place to start? The iPhones in UAE are ridiculously expensive, so I'd rather buy one here and then go abroad if possible. Thanks again!
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    Need help - Moving out of the country

    Hi guys. New to the forum here and need a bit of advice. In January I signed a new contract with Sprint and got an iPhone 4. Little did I know that I'd receive an offer to work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates this week and am thinking about how I'm going to get my phone to work there. I have an...