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    Trying to use Iphone 3Gs for Hotspot

    I am from Greece. Sorry but I can't tell you what to do.
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    Is it really useful or reliable?

    Thanks for the link. How can I contact them and ask if they can ship it to Greece?
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    Trying to use Iphone 3Gs for Hotspot

    It is not possible, unless it is jailbroken and you have purchased MiWi. from cydia.
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    Is it really useful or reliable?

    I am also interested for this!!! How much does it cost?
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    Typing email lists

    Your answer to your problem is: MailShot Pro- Group Email Done Right! App Store - MailShot Pro- Group Email Done Right! Look and try it. I am Fotis from Greece.
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    HELP! iPhone 3GS stuck in constant restart???

    Try to update it. First put it on DFU mode. Google it and read some line, don't wait Santa to meek it for you.
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    Any apps to make calls over wifi ?

    Skype..... But you have to bye some credits.
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    Contacts Management

    The best is ABContacts.... iPhone ABContacts Application I have used it and I have grouped my 750+ contacts the way I wanted. Give it a try.
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    Using iPhone as a router for my iPad, help please?

    I have the opposite situation. Can anyone inform us how to use one Internet connection with two i-apples?
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    Home Screen

    The iPhone is not like other phones, for example android, so don't expect the same features like them. Read the manual first and then ask what you don't understand.
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    Can the iphone 4 connect to the internet through a home wireless router?

    Yes you can!!! The first time you must insert the code so you can connect you device. After that you will not disconnect it while you are at home. I have to mention that you can download maximum 20MB of app with 3G and unlimited with the wifi.
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    Can't receive pictures on sms

    What? Rephrase your question.
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    Free app for a day

    It means that only during that day you can have this application installed in your iPhone or iPad for free. If you download it you will have it for free, but if the day passes and you try next day to download then it might not be free. It is let's say gifts of the day. I hope you understood.
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    FileReflex makes it easy

    I use a better and faster program. VNC is the name of it. There two reasons for this: 1) I don't like registering in sites like these ( I don't trust them) 2) The VNC is more configurable. Have you tried it?
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    FileReflex makes it easy

    I tried and I don't like it. I prefer other better programs that don't require registration to specific sites. VNC
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    Skype question

    Reinstall Skype and might fix your problem.
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    Jailbreaking, and Updating

    Of course you can, but if you update you have to jailbreak again.
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    Hello apple people!!!

    For work and fun. Already own HP dv7-1130 17" and if iPad was 17" I would liked it more!!!
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    Hello apple people!!!

    Hello every one, I am Fotis from Greece. I own an 16 GB 3GS and an iPad 2 3G+WiFi 16 GB also. Next buy is Mac Book Pro 17".