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    App vanished from screen

    I have an app displayed on my home screen. It recently vanished from that screen. On the chance it may have accidentally shifted to another screen, I've searched them all, but it's not to be found. The app was NOT deleted. I can find it if I search. The icon shows up when I search. How can I...
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    Apple Watch compatibility

    Which Apple Watch is compatible with the iphone 6, NOT the 6s, specifically the 6? I've seen conflicting info on this. Mine has the latest OS for the 6. Thanks in advance...
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    Internal charging connector

    Having difficulty charging. Tried 3 different genuine Apple lightning charge cables. It appears that if I wiggle the cable at the phone connector, it will intermittently charge. This leads me to believe that the internal charge connector on the phone is faulty. Has anyone else encountered this...
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    Getting tape adhesive off back

    Previously, I have used double sided Scotch tape on the metal back of my iPhone 6 to help adhere to a case that kept coming loose. I successfully removed the tape, but there are small remnants of adhesive remaining. What best to use, without damaging, or blemishing the back, to remove this...
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    Copying photos to computer

    Been using iphones since iPhone 4, with photos, but until now, have not had the need to transfer them to my computer. How do I copy them from my iphone 6 to my pc. Thanks in advance.
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    Restore from Backup greyed out in itunes

    Title says it all. iphone 6, latest iOS, latest iTunes on my comp (W7, all updates, latest iTunes), changed Apple cable and USB port. Sync and Backup also greyed out. Comp is authorized. Am signed into my account. Did the double hold power/home button reboot thing. Trying to recover a 2month...
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    Content Blockers

    Been using 1Blocker successfully for months, but lately it seems to have failed. Getting many ads, almost as if it's turned off. Checked and it is enabled. Has it been compromised or bought out?. Which of the may others should I try. Thanks
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    Lost phone icon, can't access voicemail or keypad

    This happened about 3 weeks ago. Phone icon was at very bottom of the screen where 4 icons line up. I now only have 3. I can still make calls from my contacts icon, which remains at the bottom of the screen. I'm guessing this is an easy fix. Help.
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    disable lowercase on keyboard

    Will this cause problems with logins, ie usernames and password?
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    Where do I find them and install?
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    Photo burst mode

    How to turn off burst mode when taking pix.
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    Can't do iOS 8.4 update

    Received notice of available 8.4 update. When I tapped on Software Update, there were 2 options. One is Learn more. The other is Download and Install, which is grayed out and unavailable, and does not respond. What am I missing?
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    iphone 6 case problem

    I have a very nice case for my 6, I wear shorts with a dedicated phone pocket. When I sit, the phone tends to creep (fall) out of my pocket, One time it did and landed between couch cushions. Any way to increase the friction on the case to make it less likely to slide? Would roughening the back...
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    Password problems

    I have an iphone 6, my wife, an iphone 4. We are having password difficulties. I have had to change my password numerous times, as it seems that it may work one or two times, but after that, it will fail. Yesterday, I successfully changed the password on my wife's phone, but when I tried to log...
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    Main screen display issue

    iPhone 6 latest update. Before update, the word "Utilities" was properly displayed. After the update, it now says "Levi Utilities". Everything works fine. Google was no help. Any ideas?