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    Share your iphone 5s delivery estimate!

    Thus far I like it. My advice to everyone is to check BB. They were telling me that if your on VZW BB has already gotten 2 shipments in the grey, most being the 32GB variety. I just checked again and they are still showing available in several main stores within the search radius it uses...
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    Apps Running in Background

    I know we have decided it isn't necessary which is news to me, but I just figured out earlier how to close the apps. You double tap just as you did before and when the rectangular previews come up you swipe up on the preview and it closes
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    iOS 7 Notification.

    Mine does the same thing showing some alarms that aren't even set for a particular day. I wish their was a way you could remove your alarms from the screen completely, because I know what and when my alarms are set, it's just clutter
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    Share your iphone 5s delivery estimate!

    Walked in Best Buy earlier tonight and walked out 30 mins later with my 32GB space grey on VZW
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    Where are you buying your iPhone 5S from?

    Checked online and they had 32GB space grey in stock at my local Best Buy. Went in and less than 30 minutes later was walking out. Was told by the lady there that they got less than 5 total phones for sprint, and didn't get ANY gold phones at all and very very few silver. She also told me...