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  1. cbielans


    How do you get ring tones from your computer(iTunes) to your iPhone without syncing? When I try to sync it wants me to erase the content on my iPhone. I use iCloud instead of syncing through iTunes. So I want to figure out how to get my ring tone onto my iPhone without having to sync since it...
  2. cbielans


    For awhile now whenever I trytobipdate any of my apps it says "waiting..." how do I fix this and make the updates install?
  3. cbielans

    App with a bug

    Where so I go to report an app with a bug? It's zynga's dream zoo.
  4. cbielans

    Apps off itunes onto iphone

    Anyway to get an app I have in iTunes onto my iPhone without syncing? I use iCloud for my app back ups so if I sync my apps through iTunes, iTunes will delete apps (most of them) off my phone.
  5. cbielans

    Purchased apps

    Purchased an app (tap tap revenge 3) on my iPod. Anyway to get it onto my iPhone without buying it again?
  6. cbielans

    Icloud appl id

    The email I put in it gives me an error. Does the iCloud apple id have to be different then my other apple id? That's stupid if so I only use one email.
  7. cbielans

    Update question

    Updated my iPhone and got iCloud but not Siri. Anyway to get Siri? I really want it.
  8. cbielans

    How to jailbreak a phone

    I have the iPhone 4 and want CallLock on my phone bad so how do I jailbreak it?
  9. cbielans

    Phone dowant blackout sueing calls

    Sorry topic supposed to read: Phone doesn't blackout while using phone to make calls. So my phone doesn't go black when talking on the phone. This I because I have a case with a built in screen protector and the protector is thick. I can't use the CallLock tweak because I don't have a...
  10. cbielans

    Phone doesnt blackout during calls

    Saw another post on this and said to get CallLock tweak. Where can I get this and get it onto my phone?