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  1. mf guy

    87% of iPhone 4S Owners Use Siri

    It's not that I'm foreign. I'm just from the south. I guess my dialect is different from others.
  2. mf guy

    The US Army Gets its Own Apps Marketplace

    That will be freaking sweet!
  3. mf guy

    Latest iPhone 5 rumor brings LTE and smaller dock connector to the table

    I personally liked my dock that came with the 2G. I found it to be very handy whenever I needed to charge it at work or around a desk. I'm very interested to see them make a comeback!
  4. mf guy

    More Accurate Service Bars On iPhone With 'Bars' CYDIA TWEAK

    Sweet! Def going to check this out! Thanks man!
  5. mf guy

    Iphone / Itunes Ipod....

    Lol I had the same issue for some reason going from the 4G running on the 4.2.1 IPA to the 4S on 5.1.
  6. mf guy

    Newww babes

  7. mf guy

    87% of iPhone 4S Owners Use Siri

    As a 4S owner. I never use Siri honestly. Idk why I even upgraded. The voice recognition just isn't the greatest whenever the user has an accent.
  8. mf guy

    Zombie Jombie

    GB7JY2 Need friends! Lol
  9. mf guy

    Zombie Jombie Not Running

    GB7JY2 Add me I need friends! And I give you 5 points!See Here... for Zombie Jombie Friend Requests