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    Apps With Voice Notes

    Hi all. Is there an iOS app that can send voice notes that exceed longer than 60 seconds/1min? I know it's better to just use Skype or phone calls in general but I don't really have a great deal of time for those and can only send voice notes during time intervals when I'm not so busy with work...
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    So iOS5 will be available for download this Wednesday the 12

    What exact time will iOS 5 be released today?
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    Just ordered my lifeproof cases

    Depends where you live. Usually for international residents, it will take 2-3 weeks on the regular service of USPS. Any problems, well you'll have to do the water test without the phone first before anything else :)
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    IOS vs Android

    Being both Android and iOS user, I'd have to go with iOS. It's easier to use i.e. keyboard and multi-tasking, the display's great and bright (even if brightness is configured low) and everything about it just makes you want to use it more. I got pretty tired of my Droid after a few months. And I...
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    Could Apple Be Announcing the next iPhone on September 7?

    iOS 5 should be released first before the iPhone 5. Still my mind set.
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    Welcome to the forums! Glad you joined us :) You'll definitely find lots of useful info here.
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    Hornettek iPhone 4 Vader Aluminum Case

    The edges look pretty awkward, but other than that, the design looks good! Although I prefer the edges and design of Element Case and E13ctron cases more.
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    Peek a Boo- I'm New

    Welcome to the forums! Glad you joined us :)
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    Hi! Im new here

    Welcome to the forums! Glad you joined us :)
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    Lifeproof Case

    Just a tip and something I discovered that will help flatten the screen of the Lifeproof case more: keep rubbing the case face down in an up-down movement on your thigh and wash the case with water and liquid hand soap Totally reduces the puffiness of the case and that's for those who...
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    Enthusiastic Member...

    Welcome to the forums! :) We could use your IT help here :D
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    Could This Be What the iPhone 5 Looks Like?

    If it does look like that, I'm not liking it. Screen's stretched to the max and it makes the phone look a bit awkward.
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    Iphone 5??? THINK!!!!

    Well I really don't care if it comes out late this year or not, just as long as it does get an official release, that will be good enough for me. I don't like empty promises, anyway.
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    Lifeproof Case

    I agree! I super love mine and won't think of changing cases for another 6 months and more :P
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    Lifeproof headphone adapter

    They ship the black adapter along with the case and box :) If not, you can always buy one from their website.
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    angry birds iphone 4 case...really nice?

    I think I'll go with the leather case more than the hard plastic one, because that way.. it'll be less prone to scratches :)
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    Lifeproof Case

    You won't feel scared of getting your iPhone wet unless you've done a thorough water test on it with the Lifeproof case :D
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    SlickWraps Reviews

    In my opinion, the wraps add a bit more bulk if the iPhone's put in a clear bumper, case, etc. Makes the phone harder to remove when used with some cases like the iSkin Solo Clear. I suggest using really soft cases for it if you wish, or opt to fully wrap your iPhone so you won't need to use a...
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    Nice to Join the Forum

    Welcome to the forum! Glad you joined us :)