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    Help! Deleted contacts.

    My wife's 5s has done this a couple times. The contacts randomly disappear. But on hers they come right back in less than a minute. Very weird.
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    New to Iphone

    Welcome aboard!
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    Where do you buy your accessories for your devices?

    Amazon....Prime FTW!
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    Problems with sounds

    You're quite welcome!
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    Problems with sounds

    Are you sure the silent switch isn't flipped down? This is located just above the volume button on the side.
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    Finally made the switch....Saying Hello

    Thanks :)
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    Character Count

    No, she doesn't have an iPhone. Still in SMS mode.
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    Character Count

    I have the same problem. However, I just composed an SMS and the character count was there. When I went to reply again in the same convo, it wasn't there anymore.
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    Hey iPhone Forums!

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    How to make custom ringtones for your iPhone

    Originally Posted by Darkstar2007 This guide is intended to help users make custom ringtones for their iPhone. 1. Start iTunes and find the DRM-free song you want to convert to a ringtone. Right-click on it and select the Get Info option. 2. On the Options tab locate the Start Time and End...
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    Crackberry user ready to convert

    I came to the dark side after years with a bb. They have just fell too far behind in technology. May go back one day when the get the BB10 out but for now, I'm happy with my new iPhone.
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    Looking for an iPhone version of the Zedge Android app.

    You can use to get what you want. Even if you had the app and would download ringtone, you will still have to bring it thru iTunes to get it to work on your iPhone.
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    Text Sound Tone

    The switch right above volume control on the side?
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    Otterbox Defender blocks flash

    Modifications to the Defender case should have helped this, I believe. The one I just purchased has a much larger cut out in the front (for the proximity sensor) and much larger in the back.
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    Finally made the switch....Saying Hello

    Just wanted to say hello and glad to be here to learn tips and tricks of the Apple devices. I've had an iPod 4th gen for a year or so. Also just took over my wifes iPad 2. Never thought I would go the Apple route, I avoided it and forbid it for as long as I could but the wife wouldn't stop...