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  1. Jrome.brooks

    NFL and NBA emoji

    Since we have millions of millions of fans that love sports why apple doesn't implement sports teams emoji ?
  2. Jrome.brooks

    HELP !!!!!

    I have a jail broken iPhone 6 plus and I was watching some YouTube videos and I went back to my home screen and no apps I re spring and reboot still no apps just my screensaver so when I respring the second time I hold on up volume rocker and my apps appear but none of my jailbreak apps what's...
  3. Jrome.brooks

    Unlocking without losing the jailbreak

    I just paid off my iPhone 6 plus so I was my phone unlocked but its jail broken once apple ok me and give me the unlock code and sync it to iTunes would I lose my jailbreak ?
  4. Jrome.brooks

    Vibrate switch doesn't work

    I have a iPhone 6 plus gold jail broken and when I use the vibrate switch on the side it would say silent and vibrate on the screen how can I make it vibrate again please help
  5. Jrome.brooks

    Reception on my 6plus

    I notice when I call on my 6 plus it's starting it would sound clear and in some cases it sounds like I'm taking to chipmunks I don't know why is it my carrier t-mobile? is it the phone? or is it because im jail broken ? Can someone help
  6. Jrome.brooks

    Sending music

    Is there a way to send music to someone using text msg
  7. Jrome.brooks

    7.1.1 - 7.1.2 good jailbreak apps

    Just got the new jailbreak and was wondering if anyone have some suggestions on good jailbreak apps and tweaks Thanks Sent from my gold 5s using Tapatalk
  8. Jrome.brooks

    Phone tweak

    Is there a tweak that when you erase text msg its also erased on another persons phone also ?? Sent from my gold 5s using Tapatalk
  9. Jrome.brooks

    Iphone 6 ??

    Not sure if posted or in the right area to post but this phone is nice enjoy the pics Sent from my gold 5s using Tapatalk
  10. Jrome.brooks

    Iphone 6 ??

  11. Jrome.brooks

    Double click option failure ??!?!

    I've been adding tweaks and themes from last weekend and I notice my jailbreak keeps crashing and now the double click option to close apps is not working uninstall the tweaks that I added and still the double click option doesn't work ? What's the problem Sent from my gold 5s using Tapatalk
  12. Jrome.brooks

    Tweak for fingerprint center

    There is a tweak that instead of using the home button u use the fingerprint scanner anybody know what app is that ?
  13. Jrome.brooks

    Can you jailbreak 7.0.6

    I saw on YouTube that you can jailbreak is this true
  14. Jrome.brooks

    What is the best service in the USA ??

    Is it Verizon ??? I know there article on this bug I can't see to find it ??
  15. Jrome.brooks

    Happy New Years Everyone !!!!!

    New year new iphone new you..... What is your New Years iphone resolutions ?? Mine is to keep my 5s in A+ condition To keep it covered And jailbreak as soon as they upgraded for the 5s processors
  16. Jrome.brooks

    My 5s is just showing 4g but not lte

    I live in Los Angeles and areas that I go should have lte but it's just showing 4g is that the same thing as lte or this is different
  17. Jrome.brooks

    Bus app

    What is a good to know what time buses are leaving or near you or arriving ?
  18. Jrome.brooks

    Best battery of all iPhones

    I think when new the IPhone 4 has the best batterylife I get 3 days full use as for my 5 a full day what you guys think which IPhone series have the best batterylife
  19. Jrome.brooks

    AT&T to h2o

    Do I need to unlock an iPhone 4 from AT&T to work on h2o ?? Can I just take the AT&T SIM card and put a h2o SIM card in
  20. Jrome.brooks

    I need to know

    Just got a new AT&T account got the iPhone 4 for 99 cents ( $30 with sales tax ) but I got a I5 for my previous carrier which screwed me over I didn't pay the bill so it's shut off so can I go to apple and have them switch sims and have my i5 with AT&T or they can't and my i5 is pretty much a...