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    Apple Could Sell 200 Million iPhones in 2013

    The latest report is that Apple has sold up to 15million Apple iphone 5 in the first week of its released.
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    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Promises All Yahoo Employees a Free Smartphone

    This is a big largesse from yahoo. Is there anything go wrong between yahoo and blackberry?
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    Apple wins another patent victory in Germany

    Apple is really making money and image from this. Congratulations to Apple again
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    [Rumors] Convincing Apple iPad Mini Pics Leak Just Before Announcement Tomorrow

    Apple is really moving forward. Well, lets wait till September 12th.
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    Apple Says it Did Not Give FBI UDIDs

    Why can FBI use Samsung products?
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    New iPhone 5 Comparison Photos Emerge

    Apple iphone 5 will surely better than iphone 4. Either in size, graphic display, memory. What I am not sure of is the Operating System.